How to improve my exploration gameplay in wormholes?

I’ve been playing EVE for 7 days now ( it’s amazing ), mainly jumping into wormholes and scanning for relict/data sites. I have read/watched a lot of stuff to constantly get better but today is the first day in which i feel like im not learning a lot, so i thought maybe some experienced pilot can give me a cue of what to do better/different if i describe what exactly i’m doing in my exploration …

I usually pop outta Jita ~10 jumps towards lowsec until i find a few cosmic signatures, scan down a wormhole and jump in it. Once i am in a wormhole i try to get into a C1,C2 or C3 because i recently learned that i cannot do Forgotten/Unsecured Relict/Data sites with my T1 exploration ship due sleepers defending these sites. Every time i jump into a new wormhole i make a bookmark of the entry point, right after that i jump towards the star and make another bookmark right in the middle of the wh entry and the star as a save spot, to which i warp, unleash my probs and go stealth. After that i scan down relict/data sites and do them. I always orbit hackable containers at 2,5km. I constantly use d-scan at max 14 AU 360° to look for enemy ships or enemy probes, especially combat probes.

I have the Magic 14 in my skill queue thanks to some friendly advise of other experienced pilots + also currently training Caladri Frig V so i can upgrade to a Helion Exploration Ship later on.

I would really love to know how i can improve on what im doing or what i can add to make the entire thing more complex, gain more knowledge about the game and/or make more ISK. ( mainly want to learn more ).

Thanks in advance for anyone taking their precious time to read this.

Also… praise Bob :smiley: ( recently learned who he is and as an ongoing wormholer i use every chance to say that i get hahah )

I’m not sure what exactly you are looking for, your question is kind of open and vague.

From your description you already are doing quite well for WH space. You are doing things pretty much as good as you can.

One additional thing you can do, especially for larger systems is actually fit an expanded launcher, you can launch combat probes at the largest size. This will allow you to potentially find uncloaked ships that are hanging out beyond dscan range.

Otherwise keep up the good work, practice your scanning skills, and keep getting those skills up.

Have a look at Tripwire and Pathfinder, both useful tools for finding your way in and around wormholes (and getting back to K-space).

You could still be found if someone follows the same point-to-point route. Better to warp back to your initial ‘safe-spot’, warp off towards a random object (planet, moon etc.) and drop another ‘safe-spot’ bookmark on the way. It’s just another layer of obfuscation, but every little helps…

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In terms of improving ISK, one option is to fit a cargo scanner and peek in the cans before hacking. That keeps you from wasting time hacking on those empty or 10k cans. And any time you spend uncloaked is time you’re open to detection. If you don’t have room to fit a scanner, swap out the data analyzer and specialize in relic. You might not find as many sites, but the loot’s better.


You’re already doing it right. Next step, once you have the skills, would probably be to switch to C2/C3 anomaly running instead of relic/data sites, or doing both. A bit higher risk but better reward, much less time wasted on scanning and searching.

And get a second account, and maybe a third, if you don’t already have one. Even if you don’t use it yet. Can even be an alpha account that slowly trains the available skills almost for free until you have need for it and want to get serious.

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Best hacking guide ever. Watch it

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Hello I can point out a few things that will help you in your journey

You can join wormhole freeports:
Want to try Wormholes without the commitment? Check out the Wormlife Freeports! Wormlife maintains many low class (C1-C3) freeports with structures and services designed to make life in wormholes easier and accommodate many J-space play styles.

Wormlife Freeports is not a single corp or alliance, but operates as a semi-autonomous collective. Many residents form ad-hoc player supported services like in game channels, shared bookmarks and shared mapping.

Wormlife maintains an “only fire if fired upon” policy inside the bounds of freeport systems. However PVP in the chain is allowed and many people are willing to help pilots gain combat experience or keep a watchful eye while new players engage in isk making opportunities.

Wormlife also accepts fuel contracts in freeports at Jita sell +20%! Make money hauling fuel for your favorite freeport wormholes!

Join the Wormlife Discord , ping for an entrance and dive in!

2nd Use a Mobile depot to refit when needed for travel/scanning/hacking/pvp
olso Mobile depot can store loot even if u die u can always come back and scoop it up :slight_smile:

3rd Take a upgraded luncher and 8 combat probes, use it to see what ships are in sistems or wormholes and u can scare other explorers from sites, makes them think that you are a hunter.

Fly safe o/


Thank you so much !

Just keep in mind that a standard mobile depot is super easy to scan down. Going back for your stuff could get you popped again.

You are so funny players these days are laisy, slim chance of that.

Now lets say it happens like that, I dont know about you, but till he poops me I put my loot in depo and he will kill an empty ship, have bookmarked the entrance, you come back and log off and login next morning an scoop up depo.

Exploring is underrated by all players, I dont think a hunter will camp your depo 24/7.

Fly safe 0/

Overreact much? The OP is relatively new. I was simply pointing out that mobile depots can be scanned down with combat probes, as a new player may not be aware of this fact. Given that they should be warped to with caution if you have left them out in space for awhile.

If you want truly secure storage use a secure container. They cannot be scanned down with combat probes.


Fair enough
I was talking about like it was my post, it happens to me a lot.
Sorry about that.

Fly safe o/

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