How to Run Relic and Data Sites in Wormholes

Are you New to EVE or Wormholes well get your rear end in a hole and find yourself some money!

Relic/data site running in EVE is a great way to make some isk with less than a week’s worth of skill and less than 10m isk in your pocket.

Video Resources:
How to find a Wormhole: How to find a Wormhole || EVE Wormhole Guide || by Critical Effect - YouTube
Video on the topic: How to run Data/Relic Sites in Wormholes || EVE Wormhole Guide || by Critical Effect - YouTube
Old video on the topic: Getting Into Wormholes || Wormhole Relic/Data Site Guide || Critical Effect - YouTube

Disclaimer : Wormholes are inherently dangerous space, there is no local to see who is in System with you, you can and will be hunted.

Required Ship: Base T1 Scanner, any race origin will do! These include the Magnate, Probe, Imicus, and Heron. Once you get your bearings or have the isk and skills feel free to upgrade to the T2 Scanners such as the Anathema, Buzzard, Helios, and Cheetah.

I highly Recommend flying the T2 scanners or an Astero due to their ability to covert ops cloak. Covert ships do very well in wormhole space!

Cheap fits :::
Imicus Fit
Probe Fit
Heron Fit
Magnate Fit

Skills: You’re going to want the scanning skills, it doesn’t take long to get them to 3 and I swear getting them to 4 will help. Data/Relic site-specific skills are the Hacking and the Archaeology Skill. Getting your Archaeology skill and Hacking skill up will greatly help you with your hacking experience due to the increase in your Virus Coherence (Health). If it says Astrometric it means scanning, all the astrometric skills in one way or another improve your ability to scan down unknown signatures either by making your probes fly through space faster or by increasing their scanning strength. Also dont forget your magic 14!

Modules: Aside from a basic ship, you only need a probe canner, a relic analyzer, and a data analyzer, everything else is just fluff! but fluff can save your life so as I point out in the video, try and get your align time below 3s so you can instantly warp when someone tries to gank you. You’re also going to really want to get an MWD so you can move between the cans quickly

Finding a Wormhole: Wormholes can be found literally anywhere in New Eden! There are wormholes that connect to Highsec, Low sec, and Null sec, There are wormholes that go from Highsec to Highsec! There are all kinds of wormholes to discover! In order to help you find a system that might have a wormhole use the Agency tab > Click Exploration > Click Cosmic Signatures > and walla you are now looking at a list showing you all the cosmic signatures near you.

Cosmic Signatures could be a multitude of things, Hidden combat sites, Data sites, Relic sites, Gas sites or what we want in order to get ourselves into a wormhole, a Wormhole! If you’re struggling to find a wormhole check out the first youtube video linked above!

We found our wormhole, now what? Bookmark it! Bookmarking your entrance is super important for finding it later or for sharing with friends, Once you enter the wormhole (Often called Jumping) make sure to bookmark the exit! Bookmarking the exit makes it so you don’t get lost!

You’re in a wormhole, oh look no one’s in local yay! WRONG! Wormholes don’t have local, you will only show up on it if you talk in local for 15 minutes. So keep your lips nice and tight when in wormhole space! I hope you can see why I said covert ops are so important in Wormhole space.

What does a wormhole chain look like?
Chains can get massive! This is a screenshot from my Pathfinder map

Knowing the Difference!

There are two Categories of Data/Relic Sites in Wormhole space, one of which we are looking for the other we are avoiding.

The First Type is Faction sites, these are the pirate faction Relic/Data sites and will always include the faction name like Sansha Survey site or something of the other. They can only be found in Class 1 → 3 wormholes. WE WANT THESE SITES! they have no NPCs waiting to kill you just nothing but cans to hack! =)

The Second Type is Sleeper Relic/Data sites, These are super dangerous! While they are classified as relic/data sites they are actually full-blown combat sites that pay really good isk. To identify them you will see the term unsecured or forgotten in the front of the name. In the second video linked I actually warp to one to show you what they look like.

When it comes to the minigame on how to hack the can check out either of the videos linked or check out this support material all on hacking!

Knowing your wormhole Class: There are 6 classes of wormholes, C1 → C6. C1 is easier space and C6 is HARD space. The Faction sites we are searching for only spawn in C1, C2, and C3 wormhole space. So How do you know what Class # your wormhole is? use Ellatha Just put in the J space # and it will give you all the info on that wormhole, if you use 3rd party mapping software such as pathfinder it will provide all that info for you(and can easily be used as a mapper!).

Knowing your enemy!
In this video you can see that cruiser class ships take a long while in order to decloak and lock you, they are not a threat so long that you are paying attention and staying vigilant on your overview to see when something does indeed decloak on you to try and get you. That’s why I tell people to make sure they can see their overview while they hack so they see when things decloak or enter grid with them.

Okay, so what is a threat? Well… a lot of things but staying vigilant will negate all of them, Cloaky scouts will bookmark the cans you are hacking, giving their friends a warp in point, things you can expect to warp in are sabers and Recon ships.

The Second you see a saber on Dscan, Warp away
The Second you see something on your overview, Warp away

You can get off-grid fast than a saber can land and bubble!
If a Recon ship warps over and is Dscan immune you will see them pop up on your overview, you can warp away before they can lock you!

Best of luck! Go make some money and be Vigilant!
and by all means, let me know what you think!



Just for repetition’s sake.

Btw Pathfinder seems to be down for a long time now :confused:


You gotta host it on your own server, my group is still actively using Pathfinder.

Heres the github page, GitHub - exodus4d/pathfinder: Mapping tool for EVE ONLINE

Im not exatly a umm… expert at setting it up but i can ask a couple tech hombres to help me get a guide on that going

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