Caldari Alpha Clone wants to check out Exploration

Greetings, fellow capsuleers.

I have joined the EVE universe a few months ago, setting up an Omega and an Alpha clone. The Alpha has so far trained for combat. Now I think it’s time for a change of scenery, so I’d like to go Explorationing with her, sight-seeing the EVE universe in the process.

The clone is trained up to Caldari cruisers and Minmatarr destroyers, and not particularly rich (~10M ISK). I’d be grateful for any sort of advice for starting an Exploration career, in particular on ship types and fittings. Are the dedicated frigates the way to go? Or might it make sense to fit out a destroyer, for a bit of extra EHP?

Heron or imiscus… no.need to combat in hole if they can’t catch you. Put data analyser, relic analyser, mwd, probe launcher, (don’t forget the probes) one med for shields just in case, and always, ALL WAYS hit dscan while on wh space. Feel free to send in-game msg if you need to ask something. I would invite you to Corp( we have structures in wh, a good place to do exploration) but we currently being wardeced , so no fun to you. You will spend less than a million on that ship, and can earn several millions back.

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Thank you @safira_jomita, much obliged.

Does it make sense to go straight to wormhole space as a noobie? Or should I stick to known space to learn the mechanics?

That YouTube channel can teach you almost everything , not just wh. When I’m at home I can inv you to our discord channel, so even not joining the corp y can ask stuff there

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Go try some hisec signals first so y learn the mechanics, after few ones y can go wh. Be aware that wh space is VERY dangerous, all players y encounter there will try to kill you… But the rewards are great, and most wh are empty too


And thanks again. I will watch the vids after work, and contact you in game as my Alpha clone ‘Margarete Svarte’.

Do Hisec first - there’s a lot to be found there, and it’ll give you fairly safe practise-time for scanning and hacking.

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If u are that low on cash you can still explore in a rookie ship (free), while not having much in the way of bonuses they are pretty much unlimited so getting blapped won’t be spensive.

Thanks, @GAREGIN_NZHDEH, I’ll bear that in mind. I’ll set out in a Heron first, and see how it goes.

Wanted to say thanks all. I have pinballed around known space and wormholes at random, earning a bit of ISK. I occasionally get seal-clubbed by Asteroses, but, you know, c’est la guerre… :slight_smile:
Anyway, for know i find this a quite enjoyable way of experiencing the EVE universe.


Personally I would avoid wormholes, reason being you are not in a cloaked ship and the far majority of everyone going into a wormhole has a cloak. It makes you stick out and a target.

If you are dedicated to just relic analyzer sites you really should stop going into wormholes. Target losec where sanshas nation pirates exist like Derelik. You will have a chance at the better loot like intact armor plates and its easier to get around. You will totally need safe locations marked all over the place but at least you will be able to use the same ones over and over unlike a wormhole. Also you will be able to use local chat to determine if anyone is even in your system and you should begin by focusing on systems where you are alone. Then you should work up to using d-scan regularly and learning who is actively hunting you in the area and permanently mark them negative status so they are easier to spot in local chat. Stick to your t1 frigate, even if you die, a payout or 2 will pay for 20 of them.

If you have combat skills worked and are working exploration skills you should long term focus on combat anomalies (the ones you scan down) in high sec. They will obviously be less dangerous and potentially much larger payouts then just usual exploration.

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Thanks, @Sugar_Smacks, that sounds like good advice, particularly on the status marks. So far, whenver I have been whaled upon (exclusively by Asteros, so far) I didn’t even have a chance to warp out before I was toasted, but I will have to work on the safes spots anyway.
Where do I find the loot in the combat sites? Do I get that from salvaging the Rat wrecks?

The real money in scanny combat sites is the commander, the best commanders are found in ded sites.

You should get familiar with these commander ships as they are where the potential big money lays as drops go.
Blood raider is Dark Blood
Sanshas Nation is True Sansha
Guristas is Dread Gurista
Angel Cartel is Domination anything
Serpentis is Shadow Serpentis

It doesn’t matter where you see one of these npcs kill it and always check its corpse, literally you usually don’t have to check any other corpses of anything outside of those.

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heron best ship

I will be honest, you should not stay in high sec doing exploration missions because those are more geared as “tutorial” sites to understand the mechanics of hacking and scanning while you wait for your skills to improve before you get into low sec or wormholes. As such, you will only earn 1-2 million per site in high-sec, while in low-sec you can easily earn 20-30 million per site. The only catch is that you must be aware of your surroundings while in low-sec, as players will be allowed to attack you.

In order to complete low-sec sites, you must always use D-scan. You should be setting up with a filter for enemy ships as well as scanner probes to anticipate enemy movements. But be aware you cannot see cloaked ships using D-scan. Conversely, you CAN see combat and core scanner probes, so you can assume they will be looking for you.

I will say you will not need anything more than a dedicated T1 frigate for the relic and data sites. I will say though, that in low sec the sites will be more difficult to hack, of course, so you should improve your virus coherence and health substantially if you want to scan, hack, loot, and warp out successfully in a short amount of time so any hostile will have a smaller window of opportunity to scan you down

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Thanks for the tips, @Shoan_Keikira. I haven’t hit on so profitable a site in lo-sec, but I’ll keep trying. As for buffing my scanning/hacking effectiveness: I have maxed out the Hacking tree to the Alpha limit, and have fit two rigs to buff virus performance. Is there more I can do, without making my ship or clone so expensive that they violate “don’t undock what you can’t afford to lose”?

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