Lowsec exploration

Hello there space friends !

It hasn’t been so long since I started this game. My goals were mostly focused on mining at first , I like mining and they still are . One day I will get my hands on the Orca that I dream of , but that is the best that I can get for highsec mining and you have to see things into perspective , you have to think BIG !
I have been tampering with exploration lately, but I do not like that the ships that were supposed to be dedicated for this are small , mostly are frigates and cruisers and there’s also the Nestor I think , but I have been told that it’s not optimal for exploration.
To cut to the point , the idea is to get out of highsec one day and what better place to do that than lowsec ?! It seems logical to me to begin my adventure there and explore lowsec.
My plan is to invest some $$$ and buy me some skill injectors and PLEX that I would sell on the market to buy the ship that I dream of to explore with , after I have injected for it .
This is the part where you come into play , dear space friend !
I will share below the ship and fit that I’ve thought of and I will be waiting for your feedback regarding it and my plans to explore the universe.

[Chimera, Exploration]

Nanofiber Internal Structure II
Nanofiber Internal Structure II
Warp Core Stabilizer II
Warp Core Stabilizer II

Zeugma Integrated Analyzer
Cargo Scanner II
50000MN Quad LiF Restrained Microwarpdrive
Scan Rangefinding Array II
Scan Pinpointing Array II
Scan Rangefinding Array II
Scan Acquisition Array II

Sisters Core Probe Launcher
CONCORD Modified Cloaking Device
Capital Energy Neutralizer II
Large EMP Smartbomb II
Large EMP Smartbomb II

Capital Emission Scope Sharpener I
[Empty Rig slot]
Capital Gravity Capacitor Upgrade I

Dragonfly II x9
Gram II x12
Locust II x12
Siren II x3

Sisters Core Scanner Probe x24

I thank you in advance for your feedback and hope to see you out there in space !

P.S. I am also looking for a partner to do this with , so if you like big ships and exploration don’t hesitate to contact me , because what’s happiness if not shared with anyone ?!

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Which regions of the galaxy do you operate in ? I’m asking because I’d like to partner with you but I don’t want to cross light years just for it so if you’re around the regions I fly in it would be cool.
Otherwise, good luck to you, have fun and Happy New Year :slight_smile:

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Wormhole. Someday, you will realized why the frigate and the cruiser are the best for explo pve. And Frankly, Your dream carrier will not survive that long.

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Greetings pilot !
Happy New Year to you too !
My plan is that someday I will deploy my ship in Placid lowsec , as when I’m done with lowsec , NPC Syndicate is close , so I can begin to grasp nullsec also. Right now it’s all just in my mind , but the $$$ is there and I’m just still looking to see how feasible this is before I commit to it.

But wormhole just adds more cost to it. I have to find a wormhole, anchor structures and build my carrier there , it’s just too much of a hassle. I can buy the carrier from lowsec and just go with it and start my quest.

I see.

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well. This is eve. We can fly ships that will makes us happy. but I Hope that you can afford and willing to lose the carrier and no salts attached…:slight_smile:


I can afford to do this , my CC is ready to go , I just want this to be a pleasant experience. I also want to start a blog , where I can keep my personal logs for this quest.

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No offense, but why use a carrier when ya can just use a t1 frigate, head into a wh, and make massive profit whilst being able to pay back your ship?

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I like how it looks and it’s big. I also guess I want to try a different approach to exploration.

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In my opinion a Tech 3 Strategic Cruiser is the best choice for exploration, it’s fully customizable with various sub-systems to give it the ability for Covert Ops Cloak, Warp Scram Bubble immunity, Scan Probe / Hacking bonus, etc, it also has great mobility with a medium hull signature and can dish out good DPS.

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It’s the best ship to hunt explorers in wormholes.


stupid idea, except for the “i want to try something new and i don’t care about the cost”
If you want something more tanky and able to shoot back, you can go for a t3c, not a carrier
When exploring you spend much time traveling. Do you really want to do that in a carrier?
You will soon get bored of the align and warp time with a carrier. And you will get caught at a gate 2 jumps from your starting point.
But if want to use it for the fun, go for it. This is eve. But don’t ask us advices on your idea.


You’ll accomplish that no problem. And if you’re looking to make small amounts of ISK, then hats off to you :crazy_face:

Just another episode of “1000 Ways to Die” …

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like this one?


What a humiliation. This is the most humiliating and dumbest thing I’ve seen in zkill so far. :rage:

I haven’t played EVE for a while and I’m back in game as of January, so you might take my advice with some reserves, but in the very essence of it there is good intention to help new capsuleer since game needs more players and our primary mission should be to attract new people and not to deter them from game.
That being said I will condense my advice into few things, without too much explanation why.
Do not go playing exploration into lowsec and null with carrier and people you do not know and you have just met on forum or elsewhere no matter how good intentions they might seem to have. It can easily happen that the only thing being explored is your carrier’s hull. Play with them but not in carrier, not even in T3 cruiser. Carrier can solo most of the sites, you actually don’t need help in firepower, you rather need scout friend to watch over gang and neut movements around. Having a good small corp with close knit people is priceless.
On your path to Chimera you will certainly find Drake or some other good BC or command ship or something, they have been able to smash exploration sites in lowsec and highsec.
I haven’t been playing for years so I don’t know whats hot, but don’t go Chimera yet. There is a reason why carrier skills are so far down the road, it is the right amount of time for new player to get familiar with every aspect of the game and every little thing that might concern fresh cap or supercap pilot.
You can, however, inject skills and cut some corners, but I’d strongly advise you against carrier ratting and exploration in lowsec.
True exploration is in WH space.
Class 1 or 2 on daily bases, jump,farm,get out.No need to live in it. Later on , find a C3 with some nice static, few good friends and mining and T3 production can flourish. Most beautiful thing in EVE that can be found in Wormhole space is peace and isolation of politics, blobs,thrash talk in local…
Why Chimera later - because point is to get most out of content and highest possible profit with lowest possible investments. Reading your post I see that it is almost inevitable that your first blog entries would have tears as basic ingredient.
Good luck, and remember that point is to have fun and that can be achieved with much less effort and money. Dream big but go cheap in C1 and C2 than go T3 for higher classes, carrier will come along the way.
Good luck on your path to Greatness pilot!


Pve Content in Eve is mainly static. There is no reason to move around for exploration. Exploration only differs by sec type so once you have found a pocket you enjoy there is no reason to move for pve.

Some explorers LIKE to go and roam and visit systems/whs, travel etc. THIS is a reason to move.

Some people are not focused on isks/h you know