Seeking new companions and Exploration mentorship

Alright where do I begin…

Let me start off by saying i’m a returning player who has mostly spent the past several years doing High Sec activities such as Abyssal sites and 40 man Incursion fleets.

Recent events have prompted me to make an executive decision and begin the process of broadening my horizons. My ultimate goal is to become the greatest pilot that i could possibly be, and in order to do so i need to brush up and refine my navigation, detection, evasion, maneuvering, reaction time, scouting, decision making, nullsec, lowsec, WH, you name it. I’m quite rusty and i’m looking for friends and mentors alike who enjoy exploration and can handle my million questions that i have for them, or would not mind hopping on discord and “co-piloting” with me.

At the same time, i need to make alot of isk. I’m limited to C4 status in my Stratios, although i’ve heard good things about the Proteus and Tengu…

So if any of you would be so kind as to reach out to me on here or in game, i would certainly appreciate it as i am just getting back into the swing of things.

Thank you, and safe journeys.

If none of your 5k+ corpmates can help you with this, you should probably find a better corp.

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I was about to write you that you can send me a dm in game to ask questions
but then i read TR09N’s answer and i agree with him. You are in a corp with 5k toons, so probably 1000+ human beings. Don’t they mentor newbros, and answer their questions?

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I’m not going to speak for the corp, they are very nice people although i’m having a hard time finding fellow english speakers who get on voice comms, 5k or not.

this is a pretty wide topic. what are your questions?

I am sorry, but your corporation is failing you. There are many people who would be willing to help, however on principal many will not when the whole point of the group is to find people that support you.

Who can I contact ingame?