12m sp new player looking for shady wormhole types

Hello hello o/

I’m looking for an established wormhole corp that wouldn’t mind showing me how to become a proper sneaky bastard.

I have half-decent scanning skills and and can nearly fly cov-ops. Will tackle for beer and pats on the head, but would very much appreciate a little proper instruction in pvp.

Willing to learn and commit to the right gang.

Cheers o7

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Hi there
We aren’t a WH Corp and we don’t give pats on the head.
What we are, is a uk based Corp, living in null, part of alliance and coalition.
We offer high fives and lighted touch back rubs

So if you wanna try out 0.0 space come join https://discord.gg/tZacyWu for an intial high five and go from there

Come and chat with Cyrus Kurush ( our recruiter), sneaky bastards are our speciality (amongst other things)

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