19m SP gnome looking for a wormhole home

My null sec corp dissolved out from under me along with most of my assets and my interest in big sov alliances, so I’m back in hi-sec twiddling my thumbs.

Looking to try something different, so I’m on the prowl for an established wormhole corp willing to take me in. I’m pretty green when it comes to PVP, but I’m willing and able to learn and I’ve many skills to V, can fly covops, and have decent scanning skills.

EUTZ mostly - UK based.

Hit me up if you think we could be pals.


I know it’s not quite what your looking for, But I am currently in the process of reviving my old wh space corp rapid revolutions we are currently anchoring structures and replacing poco’s. If you are intrested just let me know we would love to have.

Hi, we have a pretty established social wormhole corp - also EU/UK timezone with a fun group of players. Check out our recruitment post and contact us for more info

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