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I just started playing EVE a couple of days ago. Came in pretty well on my own and finished some of the first agent stories to make some basic ISK and earn some ships. On the way I learned a lot and get intruiged more and more.

After learning about scanning anomalies I decided to give it a go and just flew to some random space I haven’t been before, to launch my scanner drones and found something I hadn’t learned about in my simple quest line: A wormhole! Wow, me said.

As I’m not the type of guy that finds a wormhole and then turns around and leaves, I decided to take the risk and jump it. Didn’t know where it would lead me or if it would close afterwards and leave me in dead space, but I was just too curious and gave it a go.

After the jump I found myself in a strange area beyond the place of no return, I saw stations there so I flew to one. They didn’t let me dock though. Can’t remember the name of the station, will post it in the following day when I read my bookmarks again. Now I just remember reading “VOID EMPIRE” in these capital letters somewhere in space.

Luckily the wormhole didn’t close and led me back to my starting point. I got back home safe and felt pretty much like a big explorer (yes, I like to immerse deeply in my games ;)).
I wanted to write something special to me as my first post here, so here we go.


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You will soon have a close encouter of the third kind with players that wait hours just to kill weaponless explorers and they laugh with pride at it.

So always go with a ship you can replace

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Congrats on your first dive. Keep in mind that anything goes once inside. @Skander_Parzival 's words speak many a truth, but the experience can go better if you know what to expect. Get used to death and always have a spare or three of what you normally fly and you will be set. Many will not want to chat after a fight and even more will love the chance to troll you into rage but you will find some who will share knowledge and even help you further your career. Space is harsh. Wormhole space is harsh x7000.

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Most player owned stations cannot be docked at unless they allow it.

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Thanks for the input, people.

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Hello and welcome to Eve.

Your post was a good read and it’s great to hear you’re intrigued with the game. There’s a lot of different gameplay content available, hope you have a long and rewarding career here in Eve.

(Dark Engraver) #8

Hello,welcome to eve don’t chose to be a miner for your main and you’ll have fun.Good luck.

(Boldly Gone) #9

My main is still interested in quite everything form Assault frigs via Accounting to mining barges, so don’t be afraid of anything, each mistake is a lesson. Just try everything and find out what you like best. And of course it works best with a little help from some friends which are not too hard to find in EvE.

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@DeMichael_Crimson Thank you very much for the kind words and the picture. Very helpful!

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The station beyond the point of no return I mentioned above belonged to the VOID EMPIRE corp btw. It was located in solar system J104115, region B-R00005, constellation B-C00034. A dark place, no idea what else there is to discover.

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