First foray into W-Space

Took my first trip out into W-Space today! Once on the other side, I bounced around a bit to get to a safe location and kept spamming my scanner to make sure nobody was sneaking up on me. I managed to find four wormholes on the other side; the one I’d come through, a second one into highsec, one into nullsec, and the fourth one to a different W-Space system. I also manged to scan down two data sites. One of them had the Sleepers guarding it, so I did a runner as soon as I got there, but the other one was unguarded, so I gave it a shot.

There were five data containers at the site. I messed up the first one twice, and managed to get out of range just before the container self-destructed. The second and fourth ones went quite well. The third one, I messed up the first attempt, but managed to hack it on the second, and the fifth one I messed up like the first and warped out before the kaboom.

Still, three out of five containers, not too bad. Managed to get a hold full of neat stuff, a couple of filaments, a couple of datacores, some other bits and pieces, and put them all up on the market at Rens. Should net me a couple of million ISK once they’re all sold. Not all that much compared to the billions that most capsuleers have, but a pretty nice haul as far as I’m concerned.


If it is isk you’re hunting after, I’ll give you some advice. Look for class C3 wormholes. There have been a lot of pirate incursions into W-space, and a lot of pirate wrecks as well. Who exactly killed them, I don’t know, but the criminals tended to bring their better ships and equipment. Scanning down the magnetometric signatures of these derelicts and salvaging them is pretty often rather lucrative.

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