How to Jedi Huff in Wormholes! Guide (Prospect & Venture)

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Huffing Gas in wormhole space is a lucrative way to make good isk, As a pilot flying with one toon you can easily make 40 - 75 m isk an hour ( after scanning and finding the site). Not to mention when done right and attentively it is one of the safest things in wormholes!

Video Resources:
How to find a Wormhole: How to find a Wormhole || EVE Wormhole Guide || by Critical Effect - YouTube
How to Huff Gas: How to Huff Gas in Wormholes + Jedi Huffing || EVE Wormhole Guide || by Critical Effect - YouTube

Disclaimer : Wormholes are inherently dangerous space, there is no local to see who is in the System with you, you can and will be hunted.

Required ship:

Prospect, Yes it is a T2 Explo miner and therefore requires omega. But this is a god ship at huffing Gas

You Can Ninja Huff with a Venture, SO if you’re a new bro by all means pick one up for about 15 million isk, get out there and start making some money! On paper, it can Jedi Huff Minors, it has similar EHP/s compared to the Prospect but for Instrumentals… It’s just not fast enough. Ventures have cap stability issues when trying to be fit like a Jedi-Huffing Prospect and as a result, its max speed w/ all skills level 5 is 1100 m/s, 100 m/s slower than your target speed. Keep that in mind!

Fit Jedi-Prospect: Fit: Prospect, Jedi Huffer by Grendel Khagah | EVE Workbench
Fit Padawan-Venture: Fit: Venture, Padawan Huffer by Grendel Khagah | EVE Workbench
Fit Alpha-Pilot-Venture: Fit: Venture, Alpha Huffer by Grendel Khagah | EVE Workbench


To start, You got to find a wormhole and you got to push the chain out and find the content
This video shows you how to find wormholes and this video , while not about huffing, shows the process on pushing out chains, I use pathfinder as my mapping tool but you can also you a piece of paper and pen. If you don’t like scanning you better find a friend who does or stick to K-Space!

Here is a boat load of data all on Wormhole Gas sites:

Combat Timer: All gas sites(excluding ordinary) have a timer that starts when a player first warps to it, once warped to the timer will count down, and at the end of the timer a wave of sleepers will spawn, some sites all at once, others in 2 waves. Once these rats spawn they can be killed and will never respawn, the Gas site itself will despawn if not completely huffed within a day or two.

Ninja Huffing: Ninja huffing is a get in get-out method of huffing in wormhole space, Once you warp to the gas site you huff as much as you can and when the Rats Spawn you run away, plane and simple. Any gas site can be Ninja Huffed by anything really, It’s just running from the rats. Remember Ventures can Ninja Huff anything so by all means get out there newbros!

Jedi Huffing: On the opposite side of the spectrum we have Jedi huffing, Rather than run from the rats we stay on-grid and try to be at peace with the rats. Only 3 Sites Can be Jedi Huffed, They include the Instrumental Core Reservoir, Minor Perimeter Reservoir, and the Ordinary Perimeter Reservoir, Asterix on the ordinary. You need a Prospect to Jedi Huff instrumental, if you’re a newbro flying a venture feel free to give minors a try, and regardless of ship, you need a Cov-Ops ship to bookmark the big cloud on ordinary.

Let’s take a closer look at what spawns on these Gas sites to understand why some can and others cannot be Jedi huffed:

As we can see some of these Rats have active effects, these include Neuts and Webs. The Jedi huffing prospect fit is weak against both being that it needs to sig tank and is very close on its capacitor. When webbed it cant sig tank, when nueted modules start going offline, as a result, that leaves us with 3 sites we can Jedi Huff:

The Minor: The minor only has 2 Cruisers with no effect, Put your modules online and act like they aren’t there, when huffing the smaller cloud they will hit you a fair bit more so pay attention, they should never break past 70% shield.

The Ordinary: The ordinary has a small cloud surrounded by 5 Sentry Towers, they have extremely high alpha and will blap anything that warps to it, BUT the big cloud is far above it. Warp to this site cloaked at 100km, bookmark the larger cloud, warp off-grid and warp back to 0km of your Bookmark(dead center of the bigger cloud). You are now out of range of the sentries and can enjoy peacefully huffing the big cloud, I always move 20KM up from the center when I land just to doubly make sure I’m out of range and in case a saber tries to warp in and bubble me.

The Instrumental: The Granddaddy of them all! This is where Jedi huffing got its name! If we re reference the chart we can see 4 Sleeper BS that scram, web and neut will show up, the key to success here is speed and distance. The smaller C540 cloud can be ninja huffed by a group but be careful the sleepers spawn directly ontop that cloud and because the scram if you get caught you are dead so I don’t even recommend ninja huffing the C540… In order to Jedi huff the C320 you need both waves of battleships to spawn so do as follows:

  • Warp to the site and huff as normal, orbiting the big cloud at 500.
    – I recommend bookmarking the C320 at this point, its a good warp in.
  • Once the first wave of 2 BS warp in, You warp off
  • Wait 5 minutes for the second wave to spawn, Now both waves will be in a cluster!
  • Warp back to your C320 ping at 100km and orbit the cloud

This is where intuition comes in, Sadly you can’t choose what direction your orbit goes it just chooses for you so once your ship enters its orbit make sure you are not heading towards the Sleepers! your distance from the sleepers should always be at least 70km, at 55km they can web you I believe.

If your orbit is set up properly and you are heading decently in the opposite direction from the Sleepers, set your speed to 1200 m/s and make sure your orbit maintains 70+km, it should balance out around 80 - 100 km.

Once balanced you can set and forget, go make yourself breakfast, do your taxes or watch some netflix.

Do be warned! They BS can sometimes, rarely, but sometimes hit a wrecking shot, you will go into structure, if this happens you need to warp off.

Happy huffing!

Let me know what you thing

Edit(1): Was corrected, they reverted their decision to remove huffing from ventures so edited the article back to including ventures for Ninja Huffing.

Edit(2): Added Alpha pilot specific Venture Fit, format fix


Nice guide, bookmarked for future reference.

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TL;DR 1 minute video on how to do it(instrumentals)

Is this still happening? I thought CCP decided to go back on making this change.

Will have to double check some time later , will update post if that is the case

ha, they revered proposed changes so, YAY! Ventures are still in business!


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I can jedi huff every single site except the small cloud in the ordinary

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