Jedi mining


(Yodik) #1

Jedi mining, its when you not sure, but ORE ship pilot.

There is no reason to create any guides and ask me about this in game. Just free your imagination and make the pork be with yo.

Jedi huff

Its a high-end fullerite harvesting.
Holy fullerite expedition

Jabba mining

Its hardcore rorqual mining in shattered wormholes.
First expedition


Its ratting with using ORE ships.

Russian topic

Any chance of adding some drone bay to the Prospect CCP?
(Ezra Endashi) #2

Those videos are awasome! :heart_eyes: Can you pls post that Prospect fitting from Gas mining in Thera?

(Vortexo VonBrenner) #3

I think it might have been an older video of yours I stumbled across that showed me something was possible that I had never known of before (jedi huffing). It was some crazy Russian guy, anyway, so seems chances were pretty good it was you.:wink:
I’ve had a lot of fun doing the jedi huffing thing. Haven’t done it in a bit, though. Seeing this post makes me want to go do it now. Thanks! o/

(Kathern Aurilen) #4

I have only tried huffing once, chased out after 2 cycles in a venture. I didn’t realize that they run constantly and can make passes through and grab.

What was that fit on the venture.

(Yodik) #5

bump, for those who lost.

(elitatwo) #6

Porspect - active shields:

2x gas cloud harvester II
covert ops cloaking device II

1mn afterburner II or modulated enduring afterburner
small shield booster II
adaptive invulnerability field II

damage control II
2x capacitor flux coil II or restricted capacitor flux coil
power diagnostic system II (if you want) or a nano (the mining laser upgrade does not help gas harvesters)

anti em rig II
capacitor control cicuit II (or you go 2x ccc II rig)

My armor rep one only differs in the mid, lows and rigs as follows:

1mn afterburner II
small capacitor battery II
survery scanner II (or anything else helpful)

damage control II
2x energized adaptive membrane II
small armor repair unit II

2x auxiliary pump II