How do you find gas clouds to mine?

I’m an alpha and just trained gas cloud harvesting. I did some reading at the Eve University site and I’m still confused about how you find gas clouds in hi sec.

Do you need scan probes?

Do all gas clouds have powerful rats? I will mine in a Venture with only a couple of Hobgoblin drones for defense.

Yes you use scan probes to find gas sites unless you are doing mining missions.

And you should quickly consider going gas mining in wormholes. It will not be very lucrative at all in HS (If there are even clouds there… I don’t remember seeing any…)

Sign up to the Uni’s campus in Solitude. Then warp around in something like:

2 x gas harv
probe launcher 8 loaded (8 cargo)

1mn compact
medium shield

Damage Control

In hi-sec gas sites there are no NPCs that attack you. And there are no rigs which help gas harvesting. Although a couple of Small Gravity Capacitor Upgrade I’s will boost your scanning strength.

  1. it’s a high-sec island. not a great market to generate income for the activity

  2. for more risk and less isolation, you can wormhole ninja. the venture will not really last against the sleepers - so you are restricted in a duration before you need to bug-out when they spawn. (not to mention risk from skilled players attempting to kill you). But a venture is a cheap investment against the decent rewards that can come from even a small amount of some of the gases WH have.

You could also try Hulf Constellation. Which is another hi-sec island and a lot more accessible. (one or two low-secs to cross). I have usually only ever located gas in hi-sec on the islands.

If you want to come see what ninja mining wh is like and how much isk you can make have a word with any on the boys from BUMS -BUS
Low skillsand cheap venture we will even take you out on a few day trips with us :blush: we we will even have all the sites we’re going to visit scanned down and ready to clear

You can find gas cloud sometimes in highsec. minmatar space has quite a few gas clouds, which contain the combat booster gases.

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Hmm. Thanks for the information. I think Eve University lists the areas to find gas clouds in hi-sec. I will load up some probes on my Venture and try to find them. I tried a while back, but could not figure out exactly how to use the probes and where to looks. What, if anything, to aim the probes at, how long to wait until the scans reveal something, etc.

And I have no clue how to find wormholes. If they have powerful rats and enemy PvP types, I prefer to stay away from them.

Ninja gas harvesting in WHs got nerfed into the ground. You used to be able to reliably huff for 10 mins. Not any more.

My WH corp might be interested in taking you on and we’ll clear the rats for you. You can easily make 3bn ISK a month as a new player.

Eve Uni were dicks when I tried to apply to them a year or so ago. Their wiki is great though.

Most Cosmic Signatures in your Probe Scanner are WHs.

Be vary vary careful Some clouds EXPLODE! (Elmer Fudd)

I used to use a Myrmidon to harvest gas due to this…and rats.

Thanks. I’m wondering it’s just more trouble than it’s worth for an alpha. I’m interested in less stress rather than more, so maybe I will stick to simple hi sec ores. Someone in-game sent me a very detailed guide, so maybe I will eventually take a shot at it. Who knows.

Essentially, if you want to multitask, mine in HS. If you want to concentrate, wormholes are a lot more engaging and worth a lot more. They each have their use.


Here is all you need to know…fly to solitude in a venture with a probe launcher some tank and some gas huffers. Scan signatures till you find Phoenix nebula. Warp to nebula and approach cloud. Align out to a safe and start huffing…anything landing on grid won’t be able to lock before you warp out. Once full go sell the gas to my buy order and profit…

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