Gass Cloud seeker

yea i know that it´s a cuestion of a newby but im coming of roll misions and pve and change my rol to harvest gass, maybe for a lot or few time ( i dont know) … i scaning with probes but in two days i dont find any cloud … the question is: this clouds are in especific sistems? a sistem with have the same number of clouds? where i find one ? etc…

pd: Excuse my bad english.

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Look in wormhole space.


Hi and welcome to Eve,

Gas Clouds are rare for high sec space and are easier to find in low and null sec space. Here’s a couple of short guides about Gas Cloud Harvesting.

This Uniwiki page should help answer your questions.

Here’s an old list from the discontinued Evelopedia which may also help in locating Gas Clouds.

Good luck to you and may you have much success.


WH’s are where you’ll find valuable gas. What you really want is class 5/6 WH’s where you can find Vital Core and Instrumental signatures for the best payout. In 10-15 minutes rats will show up. You’ll have about 20 sec to warp off - after that you’ll be warping in your pod.

P.S. Never go to an ‘Ordinary Perimeter’ gas site in a WH.


Yeah, gas sites in w-hole systems may be very profitable but are also much more dangerous, not only due to rats spawning, but also due to their location. No local chat available so players don’t know if others are in there and there’s also the possibility of the w-hole exit closing on the player. Not to mention that content requires players to first scan for w-hole systems and then scan again for gas sites after entering.

That’s something I think is more suited for players with a bit more experience.

W-hole gas sites give materials used for Tech 3 production whereas gas sites in known space give materials used for Booster production. If a new player was also interested in doing some Industry with gas materials, I think producing Boosters has easier / lower skill requirements than Tech 3 production.


That’s good general advice. Prospects can huff the gas if you warp cloaked to the cloud at 10km. Start an orbit path (that doesn’t send you directly at the sentries) and when you reach full speed, lower your orbit to 500m until it decloaks you.

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Since a lot of good answers have been given already… I think I am allowed one bad post here:

Just look for the players eating a lot of cabbage and meat. You’ll find plenty of gas that way! :smiley:


thanks …

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