I can't target gas cloud and idk why?

So i’m new with WH and i just jump into gas mining is WH
but when i located the gas site
warp there
got gas cloud
but i dont see cany icon to lock on
just gas floating in space like it some kind of texture
due to what i know
everything in eve is targetable
but why i can’t
do i need any skill to target cloud???

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Krall it is because your overview isn’t set up right. You want to open your overview settings, then go to Tab Presents. Scroll down to Celestial and click on Harvestable Cloud. Lots of players create a dedicated mining tab which shows the kinds of objects you need to see while mining. This article https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Overview_Guide gives some good information.


Oh i got it thank you
just got some fresh isk from gas
gas mining is thrill


That’s why I have an “All”-Tab in Overview. In this tab just evereything is checked: Drones, friends, wrecks, planets, clouds, …

But I play on laptop and the overview are abit small for all of those info, so I have to minimize that… But still I can figure it out some how :slight_smile: thanks

Uh, NEVER minimize Overview! You can fly and fight without grid and space view, but never without overview.

Oh I’ve never thought of that
I thought everything is on the screen

Yeah they’re correct dude. The overview is the single most important window on screen. If you want I can send you across my overview profile (transferable overview settings).

Yes please, thank you so much; that would be helping me so much

Send me a quick EvE Mail from your main character and I’ll ping back the overview tonight.

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