So... gas sites

has anyone seen many spawns of cyto gas sites?
in my case I havent specifically for azure and vermillion. I was wondering if maybe im just not looking in the right areas but ive searched a fair few hi, low and null systems in minmatar based regions and have found none whatsoever so wanted to ask here as well if anyone else has this problem

this may help find them (the colors are specific to regions)


This is not a problem. Cyto was never meant to appear in high sec and more than it already does in low sec after the recent changes. It is a null sec gas that has certain hot spots in low and null sec. The link that wadiest posted is very easy to find.

Funny thing here: PHEW lives in Derelik, only a few jumps away from the region’s low sec gas constellation for Lime.


huh, guess that makes sense. didnt know it was supposed to be the lesser spawned of the types. guess ill just buy em off the market.

ive been working on getting mats for main line navy ships and was wondering where the hell these spawned lol.

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