Gas Clouds in Low Sec

Has anyone done low sec gas site scanning in the most recent patch? I occasionally scan down low sec gas sites for booster production, and I tried my hand at it today. However, the one nebula type ( Bandit Nebula ) that used to spawn Cytoserocin clouds needed to make the higher tier boosters only contained clouds of the comparatively useless mykoserocin. If these sites no longer contain the cytoserocin gas, where can it be found outside of null sec? How exactly do the new mechanics work?

  • The spawn probability of Cytoserocin sites will be reduced.

This is the only related patch note and it’s pretty vague. Does this mean the sites will sometimes just contain the useless gas (and won’t respawn until it times out or someone mines it all- unlikely given the risk compared to reward)? Overall, this is a pretty disappointing change that potentially kills low sec gas mining for me, but the key frustration is the lack of information about how the new sites are supposed to work

update: found a second site that had the cytoserocin gas, so either this is a probability thing or I did one too many blue pills when I was scanning the first one :slight_smile:

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