New Gas Sites

I haven’t been able to find anything about this so I figured I would ask it here. Are the new low sec gas sites that were introduced in the newest industry changes going to be region locked?

Good question. Next question would be where are they. Even if they were region locked to the regions which have gas focus constellations already, they are not there yet. The dev blog said something about “in all low sec” and the patch notes said “in low sec”. CCP doens’t know they are doing yet again.

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Would like to know myself … was lokking for droves of Endurances and Prospects … not seen yet.

This update will be split into two different phases in April. The first update will distribute the necessary blueprints, reactions, and components

You have to wait for second phase. April ends next week so I expect it to land next tuesday. If they intend to actually fit in April, as announced

If people are going to go to low a venture and T-1 everything because people are already salivating.

Even no additional Ventures. At least not in Black Rise or Essence.

I did a gas site about a week ago, got one but had to log out, came back an hour later and the other half was gone, people are out there huffing.

In the gas constellations or random lowsec?

You got me, I was just wandering around and stumbled on it, but it in high sec got some golden something or other. Edit: Mykoserocin.

Gas constellations. Nothing yet in random LS.

Note, above is based on my having only sampled 3/4 systems. But, on sufficient consecutive days, incl after DT, to convince myself, a) spawns haven’t happened yet and/or, b) they are on a sufficiently slow respawn time (days) that has negated the whole effort and/or, c) CCP have done something sneaky like make them accessible via the ubiquitous jaspet belt WH (what is point of those anyways??) rather than via regular scan down .

In absence of further info, I’m sticking with “a” for the moment. Even tho I thought the patch notes said they had been released?

No, we should not:

Mykoserocin gas sites can now be found in low security solar systems and additional null security locations.

Again a case of CCP not knowing what they are doing.

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Or just, they are enjoying giving “content” droplets, that spawn once every earthday if exactly three capsuleers are in the system and they have the £30 SKIN “cowmilking” activated.

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From my experience so far…

Aridia: malachite and lime mykoserocin, malachite cytoserocin

Black Rise: golden and amber mykoserocin

Derelik: azure, lime and vermillion mykoserocin

Heimatar: azure and vermillion mykoserocin, vermillion cytoserocin

Placid: viridian and celadon mykoserocin, viridian cytoserocin (rare)

Sinq Laison: golden and amber mykoserocin

It was the old gas ressource distribution.

To my knowledge, every LS can generate those gas pockets now.

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