Low sec gas mining

not impressed at all by the reported locations of Cytoserocin gas in low sec. is it true that there’s only one constellation where a specific gas site spawns?

1 per gas type in low sec and 1 per gas type in null its a quite a few systems thou so pretty big, they are also pretty empty as not many people do them, used to make tons of drugs from them.

thanks for the quick reply. when’s the last time you tried gas mining in low?

About a year ago this time.

okay, well, i could only find “eagle nebulas” and a few rat combat sites (angel stuff) that were labelled ‘gas’ but no actual clouds in them. nada for rapture nebulas. not a single one of the latter in that constellation in molden heath. what gives?

In theory, the low sec gas sites should work the same as null sec: Specific gas clouds of the region should always spawn in this constellation. Have you checked the entire constellation? There are also some gas sites outside the constellation as random spawns.

low sec has the same sites + the weaker ones but in much less quantity per site.

the worst case scenario i’m looking at is that CCP coded the mechanics so that the rapture nebulas spawn at DT, the experienced and lucky to be awake then PVE players scoop it all within hours and us US TZ folks are left out in the cold as far as low sec Cytoserocin.

yes, i scoured that entire constellation. Not real interested in checking “outside” the constellation based on a single post versus over a decade of listening to folks say only one constellation per type

Did you enable gas clouds on your overview btw? They are not enabled by defualt.

Overview settings / tab presets / types / Celestials / harvestable cloud.

mmm? don’t worry about that. lol. overview is my specialty

Wait are you saying you found the sites but no gas inside them?
they should despawn if they are empty.

Post a screen shot of what it looks like inside the empty site.

no, i am not saying that. that would be silly. i’m saying i haven’t scanned down a single rapture nebula in the entire constellation. just ghost nebula, eagle nebula, stupid angel chemical labs, and assorted data/relic/wormholes

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O_o damn that sux, If you really just want the gas go to null they are super easy to find, the only prob is hauling it back, but you can just scan a wh near there and haul it through the hole.

back to the topic at hand: low sec. So when you were mining those nebula that you’d talked about (the good stuff), at what time of the day were you doing it at? i’m starting to suspect CCP coded the Cytoserocin once every DT in those specific constellations.

amounts to a massive waste of my time, unfortunately. null sec i guess…but gods, what an idiot idea CCP had yet again

It was throughout the day 5 hours before down time to 5 hours after dt.

did you ever mine the crappy gas?

for like 5 minutes then realized how bad it was.

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If you are harvesting the gas in a system inside of the demarcated constellation the site will immediately re-spawn upon completion. The ‘random’ gas sites that are found throughout low-sec have may or may not re-spawn, but often in a different area.

That being said the real ISK making potential is with 0.0 gas harvesting. For instance Viridian gas(CLOUD RING) is currently selling in Jita for ~121,000isk/unit. So a venture can mine and bring to market 60mil isk in one load, while a prospect can harvest 121mil isk worth in less than an hour.

There is risk, and fitting your ship to tank the gas cloud explosive damage is critical, but its a good way to earn income with very little investment. I recommend having a scan ship (to quickly find the sites) and then a venture/prospect to mine. You will pay for the operation in the first successful harvest.

Do keep in mind gas is a very high volume item, so its impractical to move with regular ships. The Venture/prospect is almost always the best way as they are nimble and difficult to catch.

Best of luck in your adventures.

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I had a similar experience with null sec cytoserocins. Went to the “hotspot” constellation scanned all anomolies and only found data/relic/combat/wormhole sites. Went back to several systems to see if there had been a respawn and nothing. After a few hours of circling the constellation, I gave up and left the hotspot to go looking elsewhere in the region and found no cyto clouds. Conversely, the mykoserocins are easily found in their respective hotspots.

Wondering if this was nerfed or the locations changed.

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