Mykoserocin / Cytoserocin?

I haven’t seen those two gas types in a really long time. Where did they move to, or where do they spawn now? I’ve only seen fulleride gas in wormholes.

Myko spawns primarily in lowsec, cytoserocin mostly in a few nullsec regions/constellations.

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During events the gas spawn rate is much lower then normal.

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Ok, so once this launch event ends it should pick up again? And only in low and null? Did they remove all highsec gas?

it’s very rare to find but i have heard talk about it

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Gas sites spawn either:

  • only in certain regions, and only in certain security classes of space.
  • only in certain constellations.

A single region where gas does spawn, only has a limited availabliity of colored gasses.

High Sec has very few spawns for the regions where gas does spawn. Most of it will be in lowsec instead. Myko is only in high (in very small quantities) and lowsec. Ctyo is in lowsec (only in very small quanitites) and nullsec.


Thanks! So if I wanted to go gas mining, my best bet for Mykoserocin would be lowsec, and Cytoserocin would be nullsec?

So to expand on this topic a bit more…Io Koval is partly right and partly wrong. Insofar as I have gleaned, the old “certain constellation” system is dead. CCP greatly expanded the areas gas could appear, and gas flavors now appear to be region restricted, not constellation restricted. To be fair, I will agree that most gas spawns in low sec space but myko gas can be found daily in high security space if you are familiar with what is available.

For example…the best gas region currently is, in my opinion, Derelik. Derelik in the past was the sole domain of Lime gas, and it had a “favorite constellation” and was fairly well known. Nowadays, three flavors are widely found in Derelik: Azure, Lime, and Vermillion. This overlaps adjoining regions possessing the same flavors, but is widely expanded.

Eve Uni posted an updated article after the Industry Update with regional flavors which showed many types had greatly expanded their ranges. Some of it I could confirm, some I could not. I have personally confirmed Azure, Lime, and Vermillion in Derelik high sec. I have also confirmed Azure and Vermillion in Heimatar high sec. Finally, I have confirmed Golden and Amber in Lonetrek high sec. As stated above, these are greatly expanded ranges from the old system. I suspect that people who harvest myko gas for a living keep their findings to themselves now that myko gas has GREATLY increased in value.

For my two cents, Derelik is the place to be to find high sec gas with “decent” frequency. I guess the downside of Derelik, is of course…logistics.

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In kor azor in daran there can be gas

Do recall which flavor? EveUni listed Kor-Azor as a new area for gas but then removed it. It would be interesting to confirm.

lime to mykoserocin havn’t found gold though

I am not wrong.

For lowsec, there are certain sites that spawn region wide, and certain sites that only spawn in lowsec region wide.

For nullsec, there are things region wide, and there are things that are still constellation based.

I have confirmed both for myself.


Is there a way we can meet up to huff gas? I’m new to it but can’t find anyone who knows it or does it.

Sorry man recently had a career change from pirate to state-sanctioned-scoundral so not in the huffing business anymore.

My advice: Fit a venture with scoops and probe launcher in the highs, go to low sec, and on top of your usual lowsec safety tips, scan for gas sites that are “Nebula”. Ignore the gas sites that are “X Processing” or have pirate names in them like “Sansha Gas Processing” because those are actually combat sites.

Good luck.

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