Gas harvesting sites showing up in wrong space?

So just noticed tonight in solitude a lyme mykoscerin site spawned but according to websites this should only be in derelik region? I thought solitude spawned celadon gas

Do they cross systems occasionally?

EVE Online Exploration: Where to extract gas. Low-sec (

From the patch notes on April 13:

Mykoserocin gas sites can now be found in low security solar systems and additional null security locations.

interesting so they just gave up and they can spawn all over low instead of the specific systems from the previous years.

Not because of low interest, but because CCP made gas a building requirement for ship building. Myko in particular is now (or rather: soon) in extremely high demand because it is needed to build components for anything battleship and up for T1 and Navy/Pirate frigate and up.

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