Local Blood Raider Data Terminal

Hello CCP, I know these boxes are random but perhaps a minimum market value could be applied to data/relic cans as to not waste our time. I’ve been exploring for a long time and I’ve never seen this before, but I can tell you it shouldn’t happen.

4 cans, 3 empty and the other can had 1 carbon in it. An entire data site with nothing but 1 carbon. While this is a game of chance, this seems to be a bit ridiculous.

Sounds like someone got there first and just let the one carbon for the site to not despawn and, well, for you to waste your time.
As in “all is PvP”.
(And to be clear : I also find this highly unpleasant ^^)

Well all the cans were actually not hacked. How does that work? Does the site respawn fully intact after DT but with no items?

that’s only interesting if the DT is very close ; otherwise completing a site makes it respawn somewhere else… later.
Last time I checked, the DT did erase the state of the cans and their content, so they would have fresh new items and the one opened would respawn too. Maybe it changed - I know some ded site do not respawn their key to unlock second room after DT.

Sorry for long delay.
I think what you miss is that once you hacked a can, it’s hacked for you. Someone else will still see it as intact and will need to hack to access.
Even if it’s empty or with a single carbon.
And, as long as one can is not empty, the site will not despawn (not before DT anyway, I don’t know after).
So what happen to you is that you tumble upon an already run site, where the clever one who get there before you lets a single carbon.
No need to invoc DT in this scenario.

nope, someone else will se it as opened but not accessible

Wow, I’m learning something here (yes, you may found that a bit sad after aallll those sites :smiley: ).

So to be clear, the cans would show as open (empty square in overview ?), would be unaccessible but unhackable too ?

If so, I have to go with OP : much to often intact cans are quite disappointing…

yes, yes, yes.

Use a cargo scan before haking.

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