Limited Sleeper Cache

It’s the second time now, I scan down a limited sleeper cache, I start hacking the cans, switch to a youtube vid to see what i should be doing, return to game and everythign has disappeared. WHY?

Upon warping to the signature, pilots will land in the entry room. A Hyperfluct Generator will be present. If it has been hacked and a rift is activated, then another pilot has already entered the site. Stealth Bombers cannot take the Spatial Rift and are thus restricted from entry.

Hack the Hyperfluct Generator.


SUCCESS: A new spatial rift (acceleration gate) is opened to the main area, which is called the Ransacked Storage Site.

FAILURE: A two-minute timer will begin. If the can is not successfully hacked within that time, the site will despawn.

Long story short, you need to move quick. If you don’t successfully hack that first can in 2 minutes, the site despawns. You’ll need to fly in prepared to run it and get it done quickly instead of switching out to a tutorial. Instead, watch the tutorial after scanning it down but before warping in.

i hack the rift without problems. I have all 7 scanning skills to V.

Long story short you only have 2 minutes in total after hacking the rift generator that warps you to the gas cloud area, correct?

Also did they nerf down the exploration anoms (data and relic)? Loot used to be much more and more valuable last year around. This is in general

if you cloak in the site, it disappears.


aha, i did that because some neuts entered system. what kind of broken game mechanic is that?

It is how it is. You can choose to learn it, or keep crying. I see you made your choice.

Now next time, remember that only frigates can go in there, that the site despawns from probe window as soon as you hack a relic site, and the difficulty means that it’s likely easier to scan your frig than the site in itself. Also that the AOE DPS and the burstDPS from the structures can kill an untanked frigate.

not sure what crying has to do it with it, but anyway I guess you wanted to say that regardless.
I tend to approach the matter differently. Why would a site despawn if you cloak up in it? It doesn’t make sense. This has nothing to do with crying or whining, it’s a broken game mechanic.

I mean, let’s say you warp to combat anom you clear the first room, neuts enter system, you cloak up and the site disappears magically

It actually makes sense, and all the relic/data sites feature the same mechanism, that prevent someone from camping a non-combat site for hours until someone warps in.

Complaining that you don’t understand the logic behind this mechanism is “crying”.

yesterday a russian camped a standard sleeper cache for 2 hours…

Well I learnt something today. Thank you Anderson_Geten.

It’s possible.

stop crying it’s a waste of time. Of your time.

you’re a sad individual. I hope you learn some kindness come 2020

And welcome to the EVE Forums, where it’s seemingly impossible to provide genuinely helpful advice without tacking on needless petty personal attacks and insults.

Waits for the flames in 3…2…1…


Well if you are calling a mechanism

just because you don’t understand it, yeah you are explicitly asking for a beating.

It’s like I go in england and I call people driving on the left “broken driving mechanic” . It’s just free insults and a waste of everybody time.

It’s not about the mechanics being not broken. It’s about him complaining about the mechanics that he just does not understand - because he just learnt of them.
I agree that they can feel not obvious, but this does not make them broken.

My response probably would have been:

“Hey, it is what it is.”

But that’s just me.

I do appreciate the tip about cloaking in the sites- I did not know that either, so thanks for passing it along.


And that’s what I did. Just I remind him that complaining about things delays the moment he understands, and thus can use, them : “You can choose to learn it, or keep crying”.

There are several things that are actually broken in the game. relic and data sites despawning when people cloak in them, is not. complaining that the mechanism are broken when they actually serve a purpose, is crying and will lead him nowhere but with people here to manipulate him.

Continuing the discussion from Limited Sleeper Cache: don’t bother Leah, it’s not just you. Too many sad & frustrated people in this world.

Good to see someone actually admitting to it…

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