Superior Sleeper Cache question

Good day. I lost two frigates yesterday and I am trying to retrace my steps to figure out what I did wrong. I warped to the anomaly after scanning it down. I hacked the data can to unlock the site. Two rifts appeared. The tutorials only mention one rift as far as I can tell. I clicked on one of them (think it was the 2nd one) which took me straight to the turret room where I was instantly killed by a tower. There was no time to warp off. I then reshipped, flew back to the site and took the 1st rift. This one took me to the solar room which I successfully completed. I then took the gamma gate to the turret room (landed further away from turrets but they were still active). When I landed they we

killed me again. I assume what happened is that I took the wrong gate the first time which landed me too close to the turrets and activated them. This basically made the room a no go in a frigate. Next time I should take the 1st gate, clear it and enter the turret room via the gama rift which should allow me to deactivate the site as per the tutorial. Does my conclusion make sense?

Are you sure site wasn’t “open” before you start to hack? Turrets will shoot at you after you fail hacks in that pocket. There is always one rift at start.

When I landed, two rifts were open and the can was hack-able. So, maybe someone else hacked it and triggered the turret room. I could however hack the entry data can…so maybe it is a bug.

Superior Sleeper Cache requires a cruiser size/T3C to run the entire site, there are some dangerous toxic hazardous clouds in the site. These videos may be a bit old but shouldn’t have changed.


Russian video (Stratios):

if someone was making the site when DT occured, then the site will become “open and rehackable” but NOT started which means the cans will all be refreshed, however all trigger will remain triggered, and it won’t despawn after 5 min when empty (until you hack a can).

NEVER do a superior sleeper cache that you did not open yourself, it’s death ensured if you don’t have blinged T3C-level of tank.

Same for standard, the bonus room may be open and so the gas would be already present. You thus warp on the secondary beacon, close to the turret position.

Thank you for the explanation. It makes perfect sense. I believe this is what happened. I found a second today and succesfully cleared the first two rooms in a frigate. The one new thing I learnt was that you should approach the Solray Observational Unit from the right angle since you can very easilly find yourself in the high damage solar flare (430dps). The videos don’t teach you these things. Experience and school fees are required. Thanks for everyone’s response and help. I trust others will find this helpful in the future.


That means someone was there before you.

What often happens is that someone will open the site, and they might go deeper, when they do that, they end up failing the 2nd room, activate the defenses and … whomever is unlucky enough gets blapped at the entry (about 10-15k ehp alpha if i recall right) before he has a chance to warp away.
Come dt, after it, there is a 2nd ‘gate’ that is actually just the 1st one duplicated.

In general, this happens only in superior.

Keep in mind from now and watch the range it sends you at.
When you activate it, you can be sent to 1 of 4 points, 3 in the first room and 1 in the 2nd room.
If you see the ‘multiple gates bug’ before entering, cancel warp if it sends you some 60k away, it’s the 2nd room, and go for it if it’s 30k away (1st room).
And if it has been opened before, don’t go in 2nd room unless you got a tanked Stratios (resist t2 rigs, lse, pithum c-type invul, damage control, pds’s in lows) … that kind of tank, it will wreck your shields but if you are on the ball, you can get the ship out.

Regarding the Standard mentioned. If you have a decently tanked Astero, you can take the 3 sentries for 1-2 shots. Stratios, no problem.

As weird as it sounds, Astero is overall the better ship for Sleeper Caches.
It can do Limited, but it needs to be tanked in case you fail the final forcefield hack and get zapped (for 5-6k ehp).
It can do Standard somewhat faster overall than T3C/Stratios, because of the higher speed but it loses some speed in the fact that you have to kill the sentries, t3cs don’t have to.
And it can do Superior quite well, 1st and 2nd room, but not the bonus in the 1st room, the minefield area … that thing will blow up in your face for 10-15k ehp even if you disable it.

well I doubt that it can do superior’s rooms 1 & 2 faster than a tanked loki.

The loki can tank the AOE DPS in the first room , so that it does not need to travael and hack to shiut it down.

I think it can tank the sentry DPS in the second room, so does not even have to spawn sentry, nor to repair it, nor to wait for it to kill other sentries. I’m not sure if it can the whole 16 sentries DPS, but the 8 new that spawn when you are too close, it can easily.

In the standard, the stratios is faster than the loki (because shear m/s) sol I guess you are right, a stratios would be faster.

I have doubts that any cruiser can tank the final room.
Took me and my mate logi-fit Nestors with dual plates to tank the final room and clear it completely.
Without plates they can just get alpha-d

it depends on the implants and the drugs.

But actually you can complete the archives in a loki before the big waves come in.

I wouldn’t feel confident about doing everything in a Loki, even with Zeugma + Blackglass.

well do what you want then…

I just answer to your

I did it several times.

You might be right, but … running Astero gives you a broader range of sites you can do, and Stratios gives you the broadest, as you can change the fit for ghost sites (shield super tank), rogue drone sites (stratios drop rate in lowsec is quite nice), 3-4/10 DEDs, and so on.

Loki (or tengu for that matter) can’t access 3-4/10, can access and do 5-6/10.

The final room in superior sleeper cache, unless you run nothing but superiors, is not worth it.
You have less cans that the rest of the site, and you need an extreme fit to pull it off, which means you have to have it with you at all times, refit, and so on.
Tengu before t3c could do it with a pith x-type x-l fit, in general you need 75% resists or better across the board, 85k ehp (most of it on shield/armor) and a 2k dps active tank permarunning.

In the few notes I have, it’s half the site value is in the archive.

When I was exploring, I had a full base of ships in every constelations on my path.

If it works for you, it’s great, but it’s less than half btw.
I think the actual # was 9 cans.

1st and 2nd room have something like 15+ cans, not counting the mine field ones.
And the drop rate is slightly better, not guaranteed better … so you might be doing the entire site after investing billions for a dedicated fit only to get like 100m isk.

EVERY time I made the archive, I made more in blue loot in the archive than in the other rooms.

I tried the minefield once only and almost got blown up, so I just ignored it. that may be the reason why I have less loot in the main rooms.

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