Superior Sleeper Cache

So it seems you cannot cloak after hacking the remote repair tower?
After hacking it, I cloaked and waited for the friendly turret to eliminate the other sentries, once the last one got vaporized the entire site exploded, the cans and everything…
Is it because I was cloaked??

Yes, you can’t cloak in the site. Once you repair the friendly sentry just approach the nearby rift and leave it to do it’s job. The enemy sentries should all target the friendy sentry.

Also watch out for the exploding silos near the can, best to approach the can slowly from directly opposite the silo. Only close to the maximum range required to hack and open the can

Grrr, ok ty.
Man that’s some ultimate blue balling :’(

I live in a C5 and I have never explored or run data/relic sites. Are they worth running? Any video on how to do it?

The superior sleeper data cache does not only spawn in class 5 wormhole. The one I did was in null sec, but the signal strenght of the signature is V, which means that you need a scan strenght of over 100 or 105 if I’m not mistaken.
It is worth it, I made 100M in the first room and probably would have gotten more if the darn things did not explode :frowning:

They show up in all space, even hisec. There’s two ogher areas, one is from the solar flare area after hacking the thingybob at the other end of the room to repoint one of the rifts, but only do this after running the turrets room as I think that’s the rift that is changed (it’s a while since I ran one).

This room is a minefield (literally), if you take it slow you can tank any mines you hit, but absolutely don’t use an mwd. Also bear in mind if you fail to hack the rdu, you die as all the mines detonate.

The fourth room is the room of death, which I never ran as I had nothing with a big enough tank to survive the ‘pulse of doom’ waves.

no need to cloak, no need to take the rift when you have hacked the repair station. just wait still, the blue sentry has aggro, and you don’t receive any damage. When all red sentries are down, then you can hack the cans.

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