Superior Sleeper Cache - Turret Room

Ok, I have ran my fair share of Superior Sleeper Caches in my Astero and never had any problems with the first two rooms, but the last two times I tried the Turret Room, I got wrecked while MWDing towards the Repair Station after sucessfully hacking the Turret itself.

I can only explain that with MWD now being an agression!? What gives? How do you resolve this issue? Just slowboat over? It IS a fair distance, still. Or simply a bug, twice?

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blown by ?
did the can explode ? Or the turret aggress you while they should be shooting the turret ?
Did you request a reimbursement ?

I got killed by the Turrets while MWDing to the repair station. It worked fine countless times I did exactly that before.

I am wondering if the MWD is now the problem as it is supposed to be with Plasma containers or causes in some other way agression to the rest of the hostile turrets.
I did not file a bug report yet since I dont know if it was just me or working as intended or whatever.

Does the entrance to the site was hacked? Nvm, sentries start attacking “your sentry” after first hack in that room.