Limited Sleeper Cache

I scanned down a Limited Sleeper Cache that had already been hacked with my Heron. There were no NPC ships around. There were 4 containers that appeared to have contents but the cargo scanner showed 2 were empty. The other 2 had low value items. I was going to practice hacking one of them since this was the first time I could scan down the Cache and warp to one but the gas cloud ate through my shield, armor and half the hull before I could get out of it. A close call.

My conclusion is to avoid these sites if someone has already hacked them unless I see a wreck. My assumption is anything of value has been removed.

I don’t see how my 1400 EHP Heron can handle the cloud.

Is this reasonalble?

First question: did you have to hack the container next to the entry gate?
Second, there is a pressure control device that has to be hacked to delay the damagin cloud for a little bit, other than that it is extremely hard to tank it.

The container by the entry gate was already hacked.

If I have to go through the damage cloud to get to the pressure control device then my ship will be destroyed before I reach it. I had to turn and run due to cloud damage… I was about 75% into hull when I got out of the cloud. A very close call.

It sounds like I should just pass on the Sleeper cache until I can get in a MUCH stronger ship.

Limited sleeper caches are frigates only, the pressure control device is very close to where you land after going through the acceleration gate, if it wasn’t there someone probably tried hacking it and failed destroying it.
They can be very lucrative if you get to it first.
It’s always worth checking out, I have made good amount of ISK looting a wreck I found in a limited cache and then all the loot from the containers also.

Thanks for the info.

I will give the next un-hacked site I find a try. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
If I hit another that has been hacked, I’ll check for a wreck and carefully check out the site. Who knows, maybe I’ll get some good loot from the wreck and the site.

You can manouvre around the damage cloud to get to the pressure control (you can actually avoid all the clouds with good piloting and practice of the sites). I haven’t done one in a while but I think if you go around the site and line the control up with the can inside the pressure field, you should be able to approach the control in safety.

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I wondered if that was possible. I’ll give that a try if I run into this situation again.


Astero is a ship to use in Limited Caches. T1 and T2 CovOps frigates don’t have enough tank.
It’s a sad sad situation…

astero can armor facetank the whole DPS of the room.
I just go straight to the cans, nevermind piloting skills. Make all structures explode, facetank the can in the exploded area, open the can to remove the forcefield (can’t facetenk it :frowning: ), go away while the whole site exploded, don’t look back, yet you only got 10M :frowning:

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