Standard Sleeper Cache

I’ve run quite a few of these and do them in the same way each time. I go via the high power rift to the back of the site and hack/kill as necessary. The last few have had no “hidden” loot containers showing up. Has anything changed or has a bug crept in?


I always had as many cans when hacking high power rift (and opening the cans by getting close to them) as when hacking low power rift, then the tractor to make the(7 ? 9?) can be revealed close to the secret gate.
(actually I usually hack the three first, hack the security and if successful after the pristine I fail the remote enough to spawn the unit, when unit is despawning I MWD to tractor and hack it, take a bit of DPS when reaching unit + sentry but that’s ok)

OP is asking about loot not how to do the site. Number of cans are the same. No matter if you use high or low rift. It’s just different way to do the site.

Edit To OP: can were just empty after you hacked it or cargo scanned?
Empty cans are rare, there is almost always something like r.a.m. or meta module. Few per site seems bug or loot nerfing.

There have been no cans showing up at all. I don’t think my overview settings have changed. The first cans on entering the site show up, so I assume all would show as LCO’s?


Even when you flew around round structure?

Not sure what that means. I hacked the remote defence grid unit, wacked the other sleeper and the usual messages about hidden cans came up in local. But nothing did.


If you used high entry rift you landed near round sleeper structure, you must fly manually around it to de-cloak sleepers containers, there will be 6 of them.

OK. I don’t remember doing that previously, but I’ll try it next time I get a site. Thanks for the help.


If you didn’t used to have to then that was the bug, as I remeber they were supposdd to act as cloaked unless pulled in by the tractor.

They are not cloaked, they are in the overview with a different name .When you reach 2km from them they change name and can be hacked.
Or, you just hack the tractor. saves some travel time.

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