Superior Sleeper Cache (data lvl V) in highsec

Imma post Superior Sleeper Cache sites I find. They are not necessarily untouched.

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Halaima DLM-677

Why, by jove, do you want to post it here? Can you imagine if every player posts in this forum what he finds interesting (relic sites, DED sites, wormholes etc)???
post it in your corp/alliance chan if you want, or better, hack it (not hard to do with a covert ops if you know what you are doing, if you don’t, theere are several guides on the net)

What covops fit do you use that survives a Lcache ? My loki is 3300 ehp/s on the lowest resist and can barely tank the colossal waves. Though with crystal it would double it …

I usually don’t try the last part, i was talking about the first two pockets (solar plant, iirc, and sentries on duty). They are easy to do with any covert op if you fit some tank and a small armor rep (or shield booster) to tank the cloud damages in the first pocket, after you have hacked the thingy and put the crystal in the correct can.
Whay you also need is some solid experience in hacking, so that you are able to hack the repair station in the second pocket (sentries on duty) in less than 1-2 min, before the blue sentry gets destroyed by the red ones

edit: gave the correct name ofthe first pocket

ho … but then you forego more than half the value of the site …

I would guess it depends on the situation. If you are exploring in your properly fit covops and find one of these you have a choice of running as much as you can with the ship you are in, vs going back for something else and risking the site being gone by the time you get back.

That would largely depend on if you have a ship ready to do them and how far away it is.

ok so let’s talk about the mechanisms

The site becomes “hidden” once you hack the first RELIC can, so you can hack all the data cans you want, it won’t make it hidden. However, hidding it makes it disappear from the probe window.

The site despawns, after it’s hidden, whenever there is nobody decloaked in it for more than 3 minutes.

Completing the first room is like 15 minute, 10 for the second one ; 7 IIRC for the archive.

From my experience, The chance the site is gone when you come back is very low. Still I use very fast ships. Once I ever had to take a wandering HS wh (because it was 20 j away) and the WH closed, so I did the 20j in my loki zzZZ. Was still sitting here, waiting for me …

You can post locations on the Scanning chat channel. These sites tend to be run quickly.

Nausschie AGV-520
Also nearby Stayme LUG-128 Standard Sleeper Cache

Tsukuras HLX-232 Superior Sleeper Cache (data lvl V)

Autama QHU-958 Superior Sleeper Cache (data lvl V)

Hi there,

Do you have any feedback who runs the sites, which you post here? Did anyone who ran them let you know? Let us know more pls.

Would you consider posting the sites in the in-game exploration channel? People would love to run them and even pay you for the information. You would get hundreds of millions of ISK for the info already provided.

Its like throwing away money info someone elses pocket… Superior Sleeper caches are not done by beginners who really need the ISK. Cash the ISK and then donace it to newbros. It would ne way more of work, but woud get magnitudes more attention.