For you schmoes who intentionally leave Reilic and Data point's empty save Carbon junk

You do realize that when you clear those sites, they respawn in other areas of the region. But if you’re a dick, and leave 1 carbon in each site, they don’t respawn, and now you’re just performing a dick-move. With zero reason other than just being an asshat. In what world would you find that acceptable? Other than willingly admitting to be a dickhead?


To see salty tears like this post. :slight_smile:


Depends on the circumstances at the time. Majority of the time I’ll just fail them to clear them however sometimes I leave them as a tactic to either slow down the competition, cherry pick because I want to gtfo especially so if in a WH, or I don’t want to leave an immediate trail so to speak.


Isnt that the status quo of New Eden?

Why would you want them to respawn? You want to lower the efficiency of your competition so that the fruits of your exploration maintain a high resale value.

I Agree 100%.

CCP should make the Containers immune to cargo scan, then players wouldn’t be able to blitz Hacking sites by cherry picking only the best and leaving all the rest.

That little change would make a big difference, without the ability to see what is contained in the cans, players would have to Hack all the containers in order to get the good loot.


■■■■ … didn’t know that you can Cargo scan them …. learning every day something new. Thanks


Which region do you operate? I’ll just send over an alt of two to leave one unopend can in each site I’ll find.

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:red_circle: As much as I don’t like cherrypicking, I recently started doing it as well. Why? To make bot lives harder. I fully embrace the CCP way to deal with bots here: Make the experience of human players more frustrating to make it harder for bots to do their job. :slight_smile:


Except for the fact that bots can operate 24/7 and they don’t get frustrated. Even if all the sites they visit only have 1 can of the worst loot available, they can still make lot’s of ISK due to the vast amount that’s collected.

Basically leaving one can in the site doesn’t do anything to help combat bots, all it does is make real players become disinterested in the game.


So basically what CCP does. I am well aware of that but even if it means they have to spend 1 more minute in a system to scan the cherrypicked signature, it is a little something. Minimal effect with maximum frustration potential. :innocent:


Who cares, “Exploration” is just another useless activity, now that Agency shows all the local sigs on a platter for you entitled kids to “explore”.

Ok, so your actual intention is to frustrate players, not to help combat bots like you originally said here:

Anyway, I can understand the reason for doing it, especially in an area with lot’s of competition. However since there’s a limited amount of sites that spawn within the constellation / region, by not completing the site so a new one can spawn, all you’re doing is reducing your own chances of getting more loot.

Not if you’re about to log-off anyway…

Why should anyone help their competition by giving them more/new sites?

I do that in one situation: when I’m doing exploration in low-sec.

Say there are three scannable data sites in the system, I’ll leave a worthless can in each site I clear so that a PvPer looking to ambush explorers has less of a chance of finding the site I’m in at the moment.

Otherwise, by the time I’m on the last data site, it’s the only data site in the system, and someone hunting me will be able to come straight to where I’m at.


Whenever I’m exploring, I’m also explorer-hunting. I only run sites I feel aren’t likely to get traffic soon, and always quickly control-w ■■■■ cans to clear them. Not really to be nice to other players, but to cover evidence of my presence from would-be targets, or bigger hunters.

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Site automagically despawns (in 2 hours iirc) if any of the cans get hacked.

Seems to be a very pointless, “REEEEE other people are doing something and I. DON’T. LIKE. IT.” rant.

Some day you will learn that strangers, and especially ones in Eve, aren’t beholden to you, and mostly don’t have a care to spare about whether you’re successful, frustrated, or inconvenienced.

On that day, you will become a reasonable facsimile of a functioning adult.


Couldn’t one cargoscan the containers themselves and thereby avoid the issue entirely?

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