Event Scanning sites not despawning with empty boxes

Who had the great idea to have these sites sit around forever until all the boxes have been hacked, and not allowing them to get blown up from failed attempts?

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they called CCP ! and if you dont like it then dont do it oO

Just hack them all if you want to despawn the site? What the heck?

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Just noticed this as well. I’m gonna assume they now take the same time to despawn as normal hacking sites (30 mins I think).

edit: I think the intent is to make the sites more dangerous outside of high sec. the problem was that sites would disappear and become unprobable as soon as you hacked the first can. this made the site super-safe and you could hack the other cans with 99% safety.

Sorry about this being off topic, but this is the first time i have seen this:

IT’S an amazing change! :star_struck: I really love it that you can leave behind these corpses and what’s even better is that they don’t despawn after 1 hour like normal sites. Combined with the utter annoyance of their scanning difficulty, this is just glorious. :star_struck:

If that was the reason, CCP failed spectacularly. Combat probing a ship in the sites is faster than scanning the sites and it lands you right on the ship and not 30+km away from it, ie. outside point range. All CCP did was create more annoyance with introducing the ability to cherry pick these sites and leave them to despawn on their own.

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