Cosmic Sigs Balance needing after 20 years


Needing an update/nerf…

Just after downtime we all know most sites are scanned while also lootable or most lucrative cans (data or relic) are taking leaving the trash behind. This content needs to be account related and once warped to it becomes system wide “public” like abysalls >>>>>>>> please.

Why? The sites despawn after a while and respawn again in the region. Relic/Data sites are no better or worse after DT than before DT or hours after DT.


Do they despawn while leaving the trash cans? Can you confirm out of any dev blogs over the last 20 years?

They despawn at most an hour after the first hack was started.

Can you confrim this with data? I can’t. Just going off of 15 years of exp.

again… not true.

I can from observation because I cherry-pick relic sites like no tomorrow. They disappear an hour after I hacked the good stuff and left the corpse behind for the dumb sov holders to find them. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Shocker. :joy: Any site despawns about an hour after the first meaningful interaction (ie. mechanically necessary interaction) with a site. The same timer applies to combat signatures.

I’m currently sitting on a combat site and wait for it to despawn on its own after I cleared it of the items I need from it. It should disappear in the next 40 minutes. :slight_smile:

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Glad you feel that you are above all sov holders. Don’t argue with an idiont they say because theyll beat you down and bring you to their level. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Not true

Combat… not relic or data.

I should take this advice to heart and stop responding to you. :joy:

How about you sit on a cherry-picked relic site and watch it for an hour to see if it despawns? :slight_smile:

I have watched the sigs hours on end … ty

Ill protest in Iceland in a few months.

Sure, go ahead. Just make sure you can stomach the ridicule. :slight_smile:

Besides, what do you mean with “become system-wide public like Abyssals”? Abyssal traces are not openly visible on the overview or the probe scanner. Or do you mean these event anomalies that become open beacons when you warp to them? You know, the funny thing with that is that you can exploit that by warping to them to make them appear in the overview but don’t hack them. That will waste other people’s time as well and change nothing. :slight_smile:

Little Jack Daniels … ill be there all day to listen and actually have a recordable response on youtube for this information that has illuded players for 20 years.

Ty for the response and your take on this!

It’s a strategy.

Cans have varied contents, some high value, some low. I think it’s much more fun to have this variation (and the possibility to scan them) than to put an equally low value in all of them for it to even out.

While I dislike the strategy myself, and don’t use it (prefer different mid slots myself) I think the game is better by allowing us to pull of tricks like this, than if the game were to streamline everything and every payout so that there never is any variation in payout or strategies.

Lol no.

This would make it impossible to ever catch explorers by waiting in the site, because it would tell everyone that the site has been warped to.

If you wish to get to a site, scan it yourself.
If you wish to be notified that someone else found the site before you, tough luck.


This is just like missions so if this happens it will need work on too and I will probably be very old by time CCP gets around to overhauling missions…

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