Disappearing sites

Exploration itself is now merely decent to look at. Rewards for doing scanning and hacking is too low and not on par with just grinding, which is sad.
Even then I don’t know if someone noticed, there is a bug (if it is a feature, I just don’t know how do describe such a decision), where data or relic site you trying to rob will DISAPPEAR after only 1 or 2 containers you open. I mean, last second I was in the middle of debris field, trying to explore and solve misterious riddles of the past, and next second I am in open space, nothing around me.
This conception is going against tha strong trade concept, where even if you can access markets from another systems, trade goods do not teleportate to you. But why YOU teleportate somewhere else?
So now not only you have low rewards on exploring things, you can’t even have them.
I guess the latter should be fixed.

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Well, instead of deleting/editing I will add something. Just today I got my Probe fit and ready and venture to null-sec system. After 1 hour of travelling and 1 hour of scanning/hacking I managed to crack 2 data and 2 relic sites and I get myself 10kk ISK items worth. Alone and with beginner skills.
So I believe situation with exploration not as grim as I described it.
Also I did not experienced porblems with sites this time.

It is iindeed stupid that sites despawn like this. It also happened to me recently. The reason why it happens is that when someone warp to the site uncloaked or uncloaks on the grid, it starts a despawn timer, which is kinda short, think 1 hour? So if someone already entered the site before you, and left and you came hour later it will despawn while you are inside it anyway.

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