Sudden lack of relic and data sites?

I just spent several hours rapidly visiting about 40 systems, scanning down every cosmic signature and did not hit a single relic or data site. Has anyone else noticed this? Did something change with the update? I usually average 1 or 2 sites for every 5-10 systems.

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Yeah, my friends and I have been teaching newbros ‘there is gold in them dar hills’ and they are making bank on cheap fits.

Or *sudden increase in Explorers? Hmmm

I have noticed the same decrease in sites, but I only just started playing again after a six month break. I’ve been averaging 20-30 systems and 2 relic sites for the past couple of nights. And I only ran into 1 other person with probes out during that time.

I’m just chilling it up to bad luck at the moment.

“There are patterns because we try to find them. A desperate attempt at *Order, because we can’t face the terror that it might all be Random, *Chaotic”

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Read the patch notes - they added triglavian exploration ships into low sec. They hack sites as NPC miners mine high sec belts. You must get quicker, then they are, or kill them.


More challenge for game play!



a area is only allowed a certain number of sites aswell, i constantly run into people who “cherry pick” sites and leave which keeps the site from despawning and letting a new one spawn somewhere else

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Go to wormholes.

to find all the gas sites?

Where are you exploring? I’ve been in a few different null regions recently and haven’t noticed a significant change in site frequency.

Regarding despawning sites, I try to do this if for some reason I’m in hi sec, or if I’m in low in a system with no other pilots, but I’m not taking the extra time in null. Sorry guys.

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Can’t mine or rat in even relative safety anymore. Everyone is over-saturating the safer PVE content. Unintended consequences for incoherent, scattered development. Who knew?!?!?!?!??? Maybe not every player wants to pvp?? maybe?? yeah??

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Then they should not play a game where PVP is in literally every facet of the game world

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