What has happened to exploring?

In the last few days all I find are Secure Key and AEGIS sites with very few relic and ordinary data sites. I cannot do these new sites. Presumably reseeding does not happen until they get cleared. If that is the case and no one does them then exploring is dead in the water for newbies.

Have you tried venturing further afield?
The game covers a huge amount of systems and I’ve found that the type of site varies over time. Whilst you’re now getting AEGIS and Secure Key sites what were you gettting a week ago?
I know where I explore it’s changed over the last two weeks from high value Data sites to SCC/Aegis sites and now it’s relatively low value relic sites.
Those high value data sites are out there just not right in front of you…for now

Thanks - that is good to know because recently it was high value sites I was getting. I have travelled to nearby low sec systems. I will travel further now though.

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