Relic sites since recent update

Is it just me or has the number of relic sites (and scannable sites in general) dropped severely since the recent update. I have just completed a couple of laps of provi in which time I would have usually found at least 4-5 sites. This time no sites.

I have encountered this a couple of times since the update now.

Maybe they piled up in an unused system in the region. That’s the reason in other regions why these sites don’t reappear.

Maybe but its provi I dont think there is much unused space

no change for me, i still find the same number of relic sites in null sec regions where i do explo

Maybe there’s another explorer that likes to take the same laps you do. Have you tried looking off the common path? Even if most space is used by people, explorers might be ignoring some of the dead ends.

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