Please remove cargo scanners from the game, thanks

The problem: assholes are using cargo scanner’s to cherry pick the good loot and leaving the rubbish in the site which stop’s it from de-spawning and re-spawning elsewhere ruining it for everyone else.

Possible solution: If a player hack’s a single can the site explode’s on that player’s warp out.
Possible solution 2: Timer of 1h start’s as soon as someone warp’s into the site, after the timer expires the site explode’s (de-spawns.)

P.s. Can’t even de-spawn other people’s sites if they have left some item’s in an already hacked can as you cannot re hack nor open it meaning the site sit’s there being useless for a few hours -_-.


Solution 4: Use the cargo scanner to scan before you hack so you know there is nothing good to hack and move on just like those other explorers do

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then the site doesn’t respawn… don’t be retarded, if they don’t respawn then the entire region run’s out of that site.


IFAIK, sites do despawn once they have been started. You just may not like how long that timer is (2 hours IIRC)


more like 6 hour’s… much easier to learn not to be bad thou…


One man’s “bad” is another man’s efficiency


This seems like a reasonable request. Wasting time isn’t fun gameplay. Maybe despawn more quickly (within 15 minutes?) if the remaining value in the cans is below a certain threshold?


Yes because it is efficient to to spend half the time in the site but find 1/10th the amount of sites : ] I will never understand your inefficient mind :confused:

For every good thief there is a person who lost to them. For every single scam there is a victim. For every ship that is let thru there is someone who avoided this by using their time to make themselves a non-viable target for the ships that will be wasted. The problem is that you are considering the opponent isn’t out to waste your time in the first place by leaving things that are worthless. So what is wrong?

The answer is you’re getting played.

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sounds like your problem could be resolved by

A. using scanners yourself

B. doing sites in less populated areas

Using scanner’s myself will not help me find more site’s, and I’m in a great area so going elsewhere will end up worse, better option is probably to just kill the other guys running them till they clear out.

To use reference, when other people are running them cherry picking and im grabbing the other part’s all involved member’s are making X if it’s late at night when no one is on and I can despawn all the site’s I can make 5X in the same time period. So there is a hell of a lot of waste happening :confused: and it’s sad.

If everyone hacked all can’s and de-spawned the site everyone would be making 5x more than they do by cherry picking.

But the game would be improved by some type of site de-spawn mechanism that recognizes when a site is finished or at least when the main loot is gone.

Maybe people just don’t understand game mechanic’s :confused: and don’t realize that as soon as a site de-spawn’s that it immediately re-spawn’s elsewhere, if you run the entire constellation and hide everything you don’t want to run them make a 2nd pass this is where the difference is, you will see all the new site’s immediate and isk per hour will go up (2-5X) a lot more than the first run through the constellation, but cherry picking will decrease it from the first run through its simple logic :confused:


Actually no… Cherry pick the value items, leave for another site, repeat until all valued items are taken, and now you’re free to earn isk other ways.

If the other way’s where better isk/hour why do it in the first place? xD and I doubt many other activities can build up to 3bil in 6 hours by despawning sites efficiently.


Lets see, you go to a site and collect garbage I don’t want while I go to other sites collecting valued items?

Who earns more?

The guy that run’s 100 sites in 6 hours instead of 20, but that’s the thing if you leave your garbage there then no one will touch it they will move on to a new site and eventually there will be only garbage sites left, I don’t think your understanding.

I swear this is like trying to explain why to throw garbage in a trash can instead of the ground :confused: "but the ground is closer -_- "


Exactly, 100 sites of good loot vs you going to all 100 sites and collecting the garbage.

yeah see i have only come across this once. i will repeat my point of moving to a less populated area

if you cherry pick you will only get 20 sites not 100.

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not if you keep moving

Because cherry picking sites results in cherry picking slowing sites down.