Rouge Swarm, Bad Luck or Doing Something Wrong

I’ve jumped in a few so far but, this is primarily for the ones I’ve done by myself.
I’m not getting anything from hacking the can. Today makes the fourth one I solo’d and still it was empty. Yesterday, I hopped around and found a quiet system in 0.4 space hoping that would give me something.
Today when I logged on it was just me there for about 90 mins. so I went out and and hit the Swarm. And the can was empty again, and again.
I’ve tried hacking before the second wave shows up, after clearing out everything but, just getting empty cans.
Not sure if this is it but I have had to warp out to not get stuck with no cap, I’ve been playing with fits to see what works better for going solo and a couple were not as good as I was hoping.
I’ve salvaged everything in site, and I’m not finding anything I haven’t salvaged before, so it’s not like I’m taking off before another wave showed up.
So…bad luck or I’m doing something wrong?

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You don’t get anything from the can itself. The can makes a battleship spawn and the battleship has the loot

There is also an invisible timer that starts the moment you hit the site. You need to kill and loot the battleship within 10 minutes or so or you get noth7bg. From your description it sound like you may be taking too long.

Ok, I didn’t think it was taking me 10+ minutes but I guess I’ll time myself better.
What’s the point of needing the data analyzer if nothing’s there, besides the BS spawning, kill some time?

To utilise different elements of the game and add a teamwork potential for if you cant hack to work with a pure hacker.

Hacking the can isn’t my issue. If nothing is in the can to loot, couldn’t I just clear most of the site, target the can when in hacking range, and finish off the rest when they warp in. I’m having fun doing this solo in an Algos and wondering if having the data analyzer is just wasting a mid slot.

The battleship that spawns has the loot.

please read carefully the answers you get, man. We explained to you that HACKING THE CAN makes the Battleship spawn.
So yes, you need a data analyzer, you land, you hack the can, the BS spawns, you kill it, and you loot his wreck, where you will most often find BPCs for augmented drones, and nice cerebral accelerators.
Other NPCs are there to provide points for the event, allowing you to unlock skins and, at the end, a BPC of unique drones

You need to hack the can to make the battleship spawn to get the loot, how will you hack the can without a data analyzer ?

If you don’t want the points for killing drone it’s easy to tank them whilst hacking, then kill the BS drone for quick loot. A new site spawns 5 minutes after you warp out of the current one

That’s a solid strategy, and I wouldn’t have to worry as much about someone warping in to snag the BS, and the loot, which is the issue whenever alot of people are in the system.
I’ve seen more people swoop in, hit the BS and take off, then actually taking down the whole site.


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There wasn’t a timer when the event started. I kept having people come in and snag the BS before I could get to it, so I started jumping in and immediately starting a hacking attempt on the can, then setting the window aside and finishing the rest of the site, waiting for the beacon to despawn before finishing the can and spawning the BS. It was 99% successful, although took awhile.

I say 99% because one guy was stubborn enough to wait me out until downtime. I even went to the store and got coffee and he was there when I got back.

I think I spell it wrong every time.
That is one stubborn pilot. I had someone just orbit the can and sit there while I killed everything, and then salvage everything, and they sat there the whole time. I even tried local but they didn’t want to respond. I could understand if they got there first, fine take it but, they came in after I did and just sat on the can.

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