Exploration supposed to be this hard?

I’m okay with the scanning… I’m okay with the hacking… but what I find troublesome is why I’m being 1-shot killed in a DATA site in hi-sec by spawning in npc cruisers! Insta-lock… insta-dead. I thought relic and data sites were safe from NPCs?

How are new players in t1 frigs supposed to handle this? Do we just not pursue this avenue of the game?

Can you post your lossmail or give us the name of the NPC that killed you?

Sansha’s nation… named “warden” or something. 4 of them spawned in and poof dead.

Did they have a :diamonds: symbol by chance? Or were you in a system with an active Sansha’s Incursion?

I don’t believe Data Sites in highsec are supposed to have NPCs, if they do, it’s incredibly rare.

Could it have been a ghost site?

No diamond rat… this I believe…

I didn’t even miss a hack… I hacked one can successfully, then made my way to the other and that’s when they spawned. It was a DATA III site in 0.7 space.

Not exactly sure what a ghost site is… but yes, it probably was.


Ah, there we go, that explains a lot more

The data site you were hacking was a Ghost Site.

These are the spookier version of Data Sites that come with an invisible timer, after which point, NPCs are spawned that shoot you down. If you were just starting out, you probably wouldn’t have known that the difference is between a Ghost data site and a standard Data site.

Read up on the entry in the wiki and it’ll explain better than I can what a Ghost Site is (as well as the dangers that it comes with).

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Roger that… thank you!

Also bookmark this page:

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Also, just for completition, trigs do patrol data/relic sites.

you were in a ghost site. That’s normal. You have 1-2 min to hack what you can and warp out before being oneshotted if you are in a frig (i think i was able to tank it in a nestor a long time ago)
try to google eve things BEFORE doing a new thing, this is an old game and many things have been described
for example, if you type the name of a ghost site on google, let’s try with “improved guristas covert research facility eve”, the first answer is https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Ghost_Sites

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