Explorers which overview do you use and how do you set yours up?

I have tried a few but I am new and when I click tab for loot and containers etc. so I can see the data and relic sites I can see any ships in my decan which is dangerous. So how do you guys set it up and which is most optimal way? Please help a noob out. Thank you.

I just use the default stuff on the overview. It starts with a General, mining, and I’m trying to remember if the warp to was there or I made it

You can add and take away things on the overview from the main screen, I told it to remove large collidable objects to clean up my overview.

You can compose your own overview and I highly advise it. Delete/add tabs to match your activities with a goal of removing all non essential stuff at each tab (if you’re not mining you don’t need asteroid belts). You can either right click icons in space and add/remove from overview or open overview settings and check/uncheck everything you find importand or not.

I’d also suggest you add bright, eyecatching background to players. This way when you’re focused on hacking ship warping in on you will draw your attention.

I ended up making my own based kind of on what I had seen from videos and screenshots from others. Making tabs was a good start, and I’ve tailored it to my own. I still mess with it today and it’s been a never-ending side project within this horribly mucky UI haha

I use a ‘Loot’ tab and I keep hackable containers on there, wrecks, cargo containers, and any player ship.

You can set your directional scanner to use filters like what you have set on your overview too.

All of this is worth learning and playing around with.

Thank you so much. How do I add colors to players ships? Is it hard to do?

Press Alt+O to open overview settings. Then navigate to “Appearance” and “Background”. Then you can check “Pilot has no standing” and pick a color. There’s a limited palette so you may have overlapping colors to work with.

Overview settings can be shared ingame so you may want to ask someone for a preset and see if it fits you.

Could you send me yours lol ?

And what does that mean pilot has no standing ? I’m still kind of new so sorry for noobie questions.

Standings will mean a “relation towards”. At the beginning of the game most players will have no standings towards each other so checking this will work fine. Standings also apply to empires and NPC corporations and are important in PvE but those are a bit different story (https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Standings_101)

With time, according to different acts, players will “grow” negative or positive relations towards each other and those can be set in the overview as red (negative) or blue (positive) for easier recognition of friend/foe. Those can be set on either corp or a pleyer level.

There is a bunch of premade overviews and window layouts on some of the chat widows.

Eve Uni has one. It had lots of tabs preprogrammed. It was a little to specific for me but with a little modifying it would work perfectly.


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