Overview settings: colored background for stations/gates?

I know how to colorize the background for various types of players. In fact, I’ve set neutrals to orange so that pretty much any player ship stands out. But I can’t figure out how to do the same for objects, like stargates and stations. The background options all seem to pertain to pilots only. There’s a little checkbox that says to apply the same colors to objects, but checking that doesn’t seem to change anything.

And yes, I’ve read the Eve University entry (and the official EVE entry) on Overview Settings. I don’t see anything there on changing background color of stations/gates. I’d like them to stand our more somehow. Is there a way? Thanks in advance.

Oh, I thought you meant like upwell structures and bridges. Do you mean like NPC stations and regular jump gates? If so, I don’t think that there is a way to do that.

I’m not sure what your current overview looks like, or what your needs are, but you might consider making a travel tab, and/or remove some of the clutter from existing tabs.

Thanks. Yeah, I meant NPC stations and regular jumpgates. But I like the idea of a travel tab. I’ll try that. Thanks again.


Just to follow up: I tried making a travel tab, with just jumpgates, but I can’t figure out how to set up my own custom tab, as opposed to using a preset. The presets all have too much stuff checked. I’ve been reading the Uni wiki on Overview Settings, so I’ll look again, but if anyone can offer guidance I’m all ears.

First make sure that the desired tab is selected (I sometimes make edits on the wrong tabs). Then go to Overview Settings → Tab Presets → Types

I like to start with a clean slate, and then start adding stuff. Do note that you can right click on a category and deselect or select everything in that category.

For a travel tab, I like the add:

  • Celestial
    • Abyssal Trace
    • Beacon
    • Covert Cyno
    • Cyno
    • Stargate
    • Warp Gate
    • Wormhole
  • Deployable
    • Mobile Warp Disruptor
  • Ship
    • All
  • Station
    • Station
  • Structure
    • All

I then adjust my states so that fleet members are filtered out. Some people don’t like having any ships on their travel tab (which can get quite cluttered if you participate in large battles), but I prefer to have neuts pop up on my overview when traveling. Moreover, I’ve never had any problems finding what I needed to find -usually there aren’t a lot of people on grid and background colors make it easy to distinguish between players and gates/structures. Of course, I also allocate a lot of screen real estate to my overview, which might not be to your tastes. So, IDK. If you want, you could leave all ships off of your travel tab, rely on brackets to help you spot any neutrals on grid when traveling, and then switch to your PvP tab if needed.

Hope that helps.

That helps a ton, @Shipwreck_Jones ! I really appreciate the help. That’s exactly what I was looking for. I’ll try setting it up tomorrow. Thanks again.

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Quick update: I set up my tab like you did, and it’s great! Although I unchecked stations so that when traveling, all I see is gates, ships, and the other stuff you checked (e.g., warp bubble makers). So far it’s working great. Thanks!

I would like it too, add colors to gates, mtus and other stuff. I think it’s not possible.

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One more question about all this. I seem to have turned on an option that shows every sentry gun at every gate, which is cluttering up my display. How do I turn these off? Are they drones?

As it happens, I did set one tab to show my drones, as I like the visual reminder that they’re out and need to be collected. Plus maybe it would be nice to know if a player’s combat drones get close to me?

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