How to make neutrals show red on overview when in wormholes

Is there a way to set the overview so that neutrals always show as red? This would be pretty helpful, i.e. in wormholes. Ideally would be a config I can switch “on” in wormholes and “off” i.e. in k-space (neutrals back to grey)



Doh! Thank-you :rofl: This works, but looks like a global setting (affects all tabs). Is there any way to restrict to a single overview tab pls?

I don’t think there is a way. But im not overview expert. What I use for WH is gray blinking background. Catch eye enough to warn you and you don’t need to have everything red.


You could save your overview settings and swap between them by loading the other one. Not quite what you are asking for.


Thanks both for the suggestions, much appreciated.

This sounds cumbersome. My solution is to give all player ships an orange background color, so you never miss one in the clutter of PvE and environment stuff. Standings markers come on top. Nevertheless I have no problem switching context with the space I’m in … so far. I’m now living under NRDS rules only in dedicated systems which is more complicated as I tend to shoot everything I can handle.

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don’t care about color tag but change back ground color. THAT will e set in your overview so you know when someone is visible on the grid at once. I mean, that should be part of the base overview.


Thanks! This sounds like the right solution.

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