Can we have more than 4 standing settings?

I view & group people into more than,


Even doubling just this amount would be an enormous QOL improvement.


It’s worth pointing out that EVE has six rather than five standing levels, and you can customize your overview settings to show all six (more visibly than the default settings do). There are two neutrals: explicit (default is gray, I call this “positive zero”) and implicit (default has no color, but I customize this to black and call this “negative zero”). I have my overview show a solid background color for all six standing levels to make it easier to ascertain standings at a glance. In terms of “rules of engagement”, I treat gray = refrain from engaging but be prepared to defend yourself and black = fair game. Obviously rules of engagement vary from corp to corp, but the point is that gray is friendlier than black.

If I remember correctly, way-back-when EVE used to offer a numerical slider for setting standings, but there were good reasons for removing it. Introducing more states than the six that already exist will reintroduce the problems the removal was intended to address. Less is more.


Personally, I just wish I could straight up color code players and groups. As it stands right now, you basically have two colors to assign to host of different players like ninja looters, competitors, gankers, solo PvP’ers, scouts, high value targets, douche bags you’d like to kill, and so on. It be really useful to be able to color code them differently, so that you could see at a glance what you’re dealing with.


Thanks you just gave me an extra standing, I forgot I set up my neutral lazily.

And yes colour coding peeps is what I want.

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