Overview Settings: Appearance->Background

I’m a player returning after a very long absence, and I’ve noticed that there are no background on the items in my overview. I’m too lazy to focus on the little colortags, so I like big loud splashes of color :slight_smile:. I have checked my appearance->backgrounds tab and I have all sorts of stuff checked. Is this feature being deprecated, is there a setting I’m missing, or is something else the matter?


I can’t log into EVE at the moment to tell you the details, but yes you can customize overview so that the entries in the Overview window are colored in addition to the color tags themselves.

Hmm… well… actually, in double checking your response to point out that I know how to do it, I undocked in Amarr and all sorts of colors. Sorry to bother everyone with a problem that was probably resolved by logging out or something. :frowning:

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