Overview Appearance

When I open the overview settings there is a tab called appearence with 2 furhter sub tags of colortag and background

is would seem i can check or uncheck thiese and move in order to modify priority. i have some questions.

1: Can I change this priority for each tab in my overview or if I chnage anything is it universal over all the tabs

2: I was going to spend some tme seeing if it is worthwhile going for peole with killrights, bounties or criminal status, what order should i have those things in so that I dont attack any blues/allies.

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These settings are global across all tabs.
The topmost matching status is used for backgrounds and colortags of pilots in chat and on grid.
I suggest googling “eve overview setup” and comparing several different corps guides. Mine are based on https://wiki.aie-guild.org/index.php?title=EVE:Overview_Settings with a few modifications from https://wiki.goonfleet.com/Public:Overview_Settings . If you’d like to try my settings, click the link in my ingame bio.

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Thanks @Nicen_Jehr


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