Overview Colortags not shown

i have a problem with overview colortags in the chat windows.
i can’t see the colortags for " security status below zero" and “security status below -5.0”.
also i can’t see any colortags for people with bounty.
i have them all checked and even if i uncheck everything else and move this to the top, it is still not shown.
the other colortags are all shown correct when i check them, for example neutral, bad and good standings.

does anyone have the same problem or know how to fix this?

greetings o/

Nobody have this problem?
or i am doing something wrong?

If you’re talking about character lists in chat channels, those filters do not apply. Characters listed in chat channels will show tags for standings that have been set by you, or by your corporation/alliance, but not sec status.

These color tags will affect the overview, the list of space objects near you, some of which may be players. If those players land ‘on grid’ and are displayed on your overview, the sec status color coding you configured should be visible.

Does that answer your question? Or are the settings not properly applied to your overview either?

Hi Qia Kare
thanks for your answer.
I tested it and what you say is correct. I see the colortags in overview when players are on grid.
But im sure it was before like i could see this also in chat channels character list (maybe few years ago when i last remember). There i could see also sec status and bounty… Now i see only standings…
I didnt know that it changed now.
Thanks for your reply o/

The color tag check list is also a priority list from top to bottom, for instance if you have fleet member above criminal status it will show only fleet member color tag.

You can rearange the priority by draging and droping

Hi Aves Asio,
i know about the priority and i tried to move it to the top even with unchecking everything else.
But the Sec status is just never shown in my chat channels. Maybe there was a patch and CCP removed this…

I found this thread in forum, its the same problem but no answer:

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