Chat channels

Why is local and the channels only occasionally showing the standings of players?? This has been going on for several days now?

I think a more important thing to discuss would be that on log in the chat channels dont always appear.

Old news, This has been happening since CCP took the chats off their servers.


Old news or not it is fkn annoying. Old problem = known problem. Needs fixing - NOT duct-taping it up for a bit, actually fixing.

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Chat is broken and has been for a long time, but I haven’t observed this particular issue. Maybe it’s happening to me too and I haven’t noticed it, but are you aware that which tag gets displayed for a character in chat channels depends on your overview settings?

When more than one state applies to a pilot, the one listed first in Overview Settings > Appearance > Colortag takes precedence. Could it be that the pilots that don’t show their standings tag have some other state that you’ve placed above in that list?



There’s definitely something wrong with the chat server.

CCP Devs seem the have gone to ground after saying all is fine and working lol

Maybe the last dev to quit inserted a time code lol

I think CCP should make fixing these issues their top priority, before they even think about adding new content.

CCP dont care about its member base at all imo. Game is getting worse every day :frowning:

It’s not ccp anymore :frowning: care went out the window when it got sold

Well if not CCP why do i get the shitty CCP logo crap when i start the game. Wish they would just fx the issues and stabilize the game and forget trying to add new crap for now. No point putting in new shite if ya cant even play :frowning:


Please see this thread for up to date information regarding TQ connectivity.