Names on ships (not the overview)

i am not new tho but … am looking for this option since 4 hours and i have no idea where else i could ask this and friends of mine have no idea where to find and/or activating it.
so, am watching lately often a popular eve online PvP youtuber named bjornbee

he has something on other peoples ships where i cant find the settings in the options to activate that.
what i mean is this here

its not clearly seen but what you see here is, it shows the playername, the shipname and how far away he is from the ship.

how in the hell do i set it in this way up that i can see this and dont need to look all the time into my overview for the shiptype etc.?

is this a eve online modification? cause i cant find it in the settings. theres some color stuff where i can set my UI color etc. but thats it …

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This looks like overview/bracket settings.

Take a look on this video: (somewhere around 5:10). If that’s what you need then just install this overview pack.

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oooh, so it is a modification o-o, i hope its uptodate, thanks for the help phryno, trying it out now =3

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if you are docked type “/open overview settings” in a chat window or click on the menu icon on the overview in space. You can check or uncheck the boxes, as well as drag them up or down to change the order things appear in.

go to the ships tab, you can rearrange the order things show up, and you can put in some HTML codes to change the color of things.

You can load other player’s overview settings there’s a few popular ones out there. The easiest way is to join one of the chat channels as load it from there. Here’s a few examples:


To color the ship labels (those at target in space, not on overview) you have to:

  1. save your ov to a file (use the export feature in ov settings)
  2. manually edit the file with a text editor (you can add colors, set what would display and in what order)

In ov settings there are some boxes in front/back of ship type for example where you can add the parameters (like font color or size) but they don’t really work.

the link which phryno gave is good.
ya just look the character ingame up, join the channel, reset your overview to default and then just clicking the shared overview links in the chat channel. it putts it onto your overview as if someone else shares his overview to you. nothing to download etc.

and btw. the part where you say “but they dont really work” they do. the heavy modded overview from sarashawa proves it =x.

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