Need help with Overview HTML tags

I’ve been using the Z-S Overview, but it’s outdated. The Hunt event made me edit some parts of it to better suit my needs, but I ran into unforeseen problems: whenever I edit the <color*> tags - or any HTML tag for that matter -, and save the changes, the result is not what I expected. Instead of a colored title, the HTML text is shown alongside everything else, in plan color.

Do I have to export and edit these HTML tags OUTSIDE the game for them to work or is it a problem with my client?

I came across this article dealing with the issue, with possible fixes. The short answer is yes, you edit them outside the game and import the corrected file (that you save with a .YAML extention) back into EvE.

copy/pasted from Z-S Overview, incorrectly saved tab titles

  • Cannot input HTML tags ( <color> & <fontsize> ):
  • There is not an easy solution to this aside from saving as a new preset with default style and shorter name.
  • The “not so easy” solution is to save the preset “as is”, export the Overview Profile and edit the Preset name on the .YAML file directly with a text editor.
  • Replace &lt; and &gt; with < and > respectively in the .YAML file.
  • We will reach out to CCP to suggest a small feature patch to widen/remove these limits.

I heard from other people that this worked for them. A simple text editor like Notepad or Wordpad is sufficient. Hope this helps.


Thank you. It helped.

It’s little things like this that really show the game’s age, doesn’t it?

The UI in this game is so freaking bad. It costed me 100 mil the other day; for whatever reason, my overview setting was wiped clean, so I joined the Z-S channel, picked some settings and completely forgot it doesn’t come with ‘invading precursor ships’ added to either the brackets or the combat tab. My fault, for sure, but it still sucks. I got distracted dscanning the celestials and talking to my wife; by the time I heard the shots and shields down alarm, it was already too late.

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I don’t remember having had this issue with the old Zarashawa packs (before 2016), on which Z-S is based. So it must be a newer “feature” in the game, lol. Personally I never bothered with fixing the titles because I change the presets fairly often and don’t want to to through those lengthy export files every time.

My preset for egg hunting this month: “Irregular capsule” and “Invading precursor ships” - and yes, it has proven necessary as a precaution. Damn trigs :stuck_out_tongue:


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