Overview: Consider reverting the overview tab character limits

You can no longer enter an exceedingly long name for your Overview tabs.

This seems like a weird limitation to implement. I don’t see how or why long names adversely affected the game; if anything they helped with formatting and styling for colors and font size. For example, Z-S uses fontsize and color tags like so:

but the patch on Feb 14 cuts it off:

In other words, this is what was possible before this change:
and after:

Far fewer color options, can’t bold text, can’t change font separately from the overview list, etc. My biggest gripe is not able to use hex code for colors.

I ask that the devs consider reverting this limitation to what it was before, or at least give much better formatting options than we have now. This Ships tab in the OV settings window is a great example of this

Though to me it seems simpler and easier to just revert the change


I agree but…
Be happy it’s functional. I mean at least it works which is an achievement for [them].


We should not be happy with mediocre when we have access to better features and we should demand better features. Being “happy that it works” has never made anything better in EVE.


Why not? Some places they don’t even have mediocre, they got nothing, lol.

Demanding makes of you a senile selfish “boomer” whose fault it is that young people have it tough these days.
Complaining on this forum makes of you a “troll”.
I mean, I can stand the heat, can you?:smile:

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If you check the typical responses to my posts, you know that I need a sun’s worth of heat to even feel the increase in temperature around me. :slight_smile:


Well said.
I’m stealing it.


Bumping this topic because I’m still protesting the character limit. That said, here’s what I do like about the new OV:

  • More colors options as I suggested in the OP
  • Saving filters also take the html tags into account and doesn’t create a new filter with messed up text
  • More tabs

Now regarding the character limit: I still fail to see why this was implemented. Not only does it negatively affect 90% of the playerbase’s overviews but when it does affect them by cutting off the text, there’s this bizarre FPS issue that keeps you from editing tabs unless you reset it.

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Anything improving usability gets my vote.

There are entire sciences and metrics around user interaction efficiency and accessibility not for no reason.

That said, cramming formatting in with the plain text doesn’t seem to be the smartest way to do so. Sure, it happens to work, but content and style should be separate. That’s why CSS was invented for HTML.

Perhaps the request shouldn’t be to re-enable a workaround but to provide a proper solution to the user’s desire to customize the UI, and do so in a reasonably readily accessible way.

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