Overview Feedback

Today’s the day. To start, the incompatibility with z-s has caused me to completely reset my overview settings and start over (the incompatibility being I now have too many filters to make sense of the edit overview experience). This is after multiple attempts at using multiple overviews.

Two major quality of life enhancements would be:

  1. Reorder overview tabs - if you delete a tab they collapse, and if you want a new tab in #1 or #3 position (or wherever) you need to edit all tabs that follow. Wasn’t much of an issue before, but now that we can throw tabs around from window to window position is important.
  2. Rename filters - too many filters is already a challenge, and if you misname, or actively change your filters a lot (like some of us do!) you will end up with a ton of duplicates/filters. And, it seems like too many filters cause client performance issues even for top performing machines.


  • Today’s update caused empty tabs for anyone who had color tags in their tab names. Ouch.
  • I’ve said it above, and I maintain filter-by-value is better than filter-by-reference. I want to fine-tune tabs, not filters. Editing a tab can inadvertently cause changes to other tabs because you’re actually editing filters which is weird (to me because I don’t see the benefits of the same filter on multiple tabs).
  • Dscan is still broken. What good is multiple overviews if it doesn’t remember what overview you had selected after dock/undock? This is a broken feature that will cause people to lose ships, so I expect people who pvp to never use it. Like, literally you could undock into a major cap fight happening on your structure and not know it because your default overview is some random ‘planet scan thing’ you created while exploring. AND, because it’s the last thing you created, not the last thing you used, it will be the default overview when you undock.
  • More color options please - I prefer the z-s light-blue over the blue provided. Also, can we get a purple? And, would love to have colors for filters. Seems like new filters cannot have colors?
  • Overview column width changes cause the text alignment to jump after rendering, and it’s jarring because I’m tuned to notice changes in the overview, and this is a change/render I wish I didn’t have to ignore.

That’s it for now, thanks.


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